"You're Invited"
Season 1, Episode 23
Production code: 1011-57
Airdate: April 7
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Lost Sword"

"You're Invited" is the twenty-third episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Everyone has been invited to Gene's dinner when suddenly Gene is murdered and the rest try to find out who is the murder, as they die one for one.


Finn and Jake go to Gene's mansion for a nice dinner. When arriving there they see many other people are there too. Everyone had been appointed a seat on the long dinner table. Gene then sits on the head of the table and says he has gathered them all because there is a killer among them. When Gene wants to continue he suddenly is shot in his head with an arrow. Everyone runs back to the main hall in panic. PB decides to go back to check on the body, but returns saying it is gone. Ice King freaks out saying anyone could be next.

Finn walks up to Ice King and says he could have done it as well. Marceline interferes saying that isn't something Ice King would do. Jake then says that is exactly something Marceline would say to cover up herself. Lee then says LSP is gone. They decide to split up in searching teams. BMO and Tree Trunks find LSP in the kitchen, frozen in the ice cooler. They call Flame Princess, who was with Finn, to break the door open, but as she does so LSP falls in shatters into many pieces.

Finn then says he also found something strange and holds up the shell of the Snail. They suddenly hear PB scream and run towards her. Lady Rainicorn is frozen against the ceiling, but she breaks and falls down. When Tree Trunks said they also found LSP frozen, PB immediately blames Ice King. She turns several people against him. PB, Cinnamon Bun, Jake and Lee pick up Ice King and throw him off the cliff outside of Gene's mansion.

Marceline is devastated and runs away, followed by Finn and Flame Princess. Tree Trunks then begins to think and says that maybe it was her plan to get rid of all the people she hates. Although having to sacrifice Lady for it, so no one would suspect her. Jake, Lemongrab and BMO agree with her and turn against her while Cinnamon Bun, Peppermint Butler and Lee stay at PB's side. Tree Trunks goes to Finn to tell him her theory. Finn has to accept it and they all go to take PB down. However they encounter Peps, CB and Lee staring at the molten corpse of PB. Peps says only someone who can use fire could have done this. Finn defends FP saying she was with him and Marceline the whole time.

Lemongrab goes insane and draws his sword. He says that if anyone is out for him will be killed. BMO tries to calm him down but gets attacked by Lemongrab's sound attack which blasts BMO away and breaks him. Finn angered charges at Lemongrab. However Lemongrab says he has to stop as it obviously was FP. Flame Princess says is wasn't her and creates fire in her hands. Jake then mentions that Peps and Marceline are gone. They explore and find them in the dungeons. Marceline is hanging on a crucifix while Peppermint Butler is hanging upside down on a rope with a chunk of his head out.

Finn says they just have to forget who the killer is and get out of the mansion. Finn, Jake, Flame Princess, Tree Trunks, Lemongrab, Lee and Cinnamon Bun all start to run towards the exit. Cinnamon Bun first trips and falls on the ground. FP wants to save him but CB is pulled into the darkness to her shock. Two shadow hands appear, one grabs the leg of Lemongrab and swings him back. Tree Trunks can't run anymore so Jake picks her up, this however took too much time causing both of them to be crushed by the shadow hand. Right before the exit Lee opens the door for Finn and FP, but is too late to get out himself and gets grabbed by the darkness. Finn and FP cross the bridge which suddenly breaks. Finn holds onto the ledge, while also holding FP. But the two shadow hands grabs FP's legs. FP shouts he has to escape and drops herself.

Finn runs out of the lava tipped mountain with tears in his eyes. Suddenly he sees everyone just standing in front of him, with Flame Princess joining them at the last moment. Jake and Gene are laughing very hard and Jake says that this already is the third time. Finn is angry and punches Jake but then laughs too.




  • There is a total of 17 persons attending the dinner.
  • Snail appears as one of the guest but no one speaks to him, although he is one of the victims.
  • The episode was first planned to be a two part episode, but they decided to make it a half hour special.
  • Jake refers back to the episodes "Mystery Train" and "The Creeps" because that also involved people dying in a mystery.