"Who is Your Princess?"
Season 2, Episode 5
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"New Five Short Graybles"
"Snow Crystal"

"Who is Your Princess?" is the fifth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


LSP is hurting people in Ooo, but discover it is someone disguised as her.


Finn and Jake are walking back to the Tree Fort when they suddenly hear screaming coming from further away. They go to the screaming and see Starchy lying damaged on the ground. They ask who did this and he says it was a purple lump. They bring Starchy to the Candy Kingdom where they go to Princess Bubblegum and say that Lumpy Space Princess has gone insane and attacked Starchy. Princess Bubblegum leads them to the hospital and says there are more people being attacked by her and shows a full hospital of hurt people. Finn questions how she can do this, but PB replies it isn't LSP. LSP then comes into the chamber crying and says someone is trying to set her up. She draws the conclusion it is Nina who is jealous of her being with Brad. Finn and Jake offer to help, PB says to Banana Guards are outside to find the faker in the Grasslands.

Finn, Jake and LSP go outside to look for the faker and see that the fake LSP is attacking the Banana Guards. They quickly hurry over to them but the faker already got away. Finn asks Jake to take the guards back to the Candy Kingdom while he continues to look for the faker. In the distance they see a purple blurr running away, so they follow it. They eventually arrive in a dark abadoned warehouse where they catch a glimpse of the faker. Finn draws his swords and looks around but then sees the real LSP is also gone. He explores the warehouse and eventually finds the two LSP's. He then asks who is the real one, but they both say they are the real ones which really confuses Finn. He then starts to ask some questions but they both answer the good answer at the same time, which makes it hard for Finn. Eventually Jake storms into the building, saying he has been looking for Finn and LSP. He then also sees what is going on and is confused.

Finn says he doesn't know who is the real one, and already asked questions about themsevles. Jake then has an idea, he grabs his telephone and sends a text message to LSP. The telephone of the real LSP makes a sound and LSP watches the text and laughs. Finn, in the meantime, already bashed into the fake LSP who then transformed into Magic Man who was chuckling. Finn was angry at Magic Man and demanded him to heal the hurt ones. Magic Man stood up and said he would do so, Finn smiled. Finn, Jake and LSP already walked away thinking Magic Man would follow them but they heard a "poof" and saw that Magic Man disappeared. Finn was angry but Jake says that the fake LSP problem has been solved. Meanwhile Magic Man is in his house and opens his closet which contain magical suits of some major characters and he puts the LSP suit back and laughs.


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  • Snail appears as one of the hurt ones on the hospital beds, but still is seen waving.