Tree Trunks
Name Tree Trunks
Species Elephant
Occupation Former Crystal Queen
Relatives Mr. Pig (husband)
Introduced In "Slumber Party Panic"
Latest Appearance "Love Games"
Voiced by Polly Lou Livingston

Tree Trunks is a yellow-green pygmy elephant friend of Finn and Jake who speaks with a gentle, Southern drawl and lives in the Candy Kingdom.

Episode appearancesEdit

She is first seen in the Adventure Time opening sequence, followed by her official introduction in "Slumber Party Panic," and then in "Evicted!" but had very minor appearances. She is later featured in the self-titled episode "Tree Trunks." After taking a bite out of the Crystal Gem Apple, she appears to mysteriously explode, then is seen laughing and walking happily. It was revealed later that she had become the insane overlord of the Crystal Dimension, trying to make Finn rule with her, but Finn and Jake defeat her knights and rescue her from her insanity. She loves picking apples to make into apple pies. As seen in "Dream of Love," Tree Trunks is in a romantic relationship with Mr. Pig. In "Burning Low," Tree Trunks makes an appearance in Jake's dream after Jake fell asleep during Princess Bubblegum's explanation of why Finn can't see Flame Princess anymore. In "Love Games" she dances in the Slime Kingdom with Mr. Pig.


Tree runks

Tree Trunks in "Tree Trunks"

Tree Trunks has the personality of a gentle, older Southern woman, complete with a Texan accent and a polite, complimentary disposition. Throughout her titular episode, she constantly places herself in an unnecessary amount of danger—much to Finn's annoyance—due to her naïveté. She often uses her cuteness to complete tasks by wearing a lot of makeup and seducing her subjects. While riding on Finn's back, Jake says she could ride higher on his back, but Finn stops him, saying she has a weak heart.

Tree Trunks loves to cook, as seen in "Slumber Party Panic," where she's seen carrying hot buns. In her self-titled episode, she makes Finn and Jake apple pies. She seems to be a perfectionist when it comes to her pies, going to a very dark place if anything goes wrong with one of them. After she is released from her Crystal Gem power in "Crystals Have Power," Tree Trunks tells Finn that she likes him a lot. This strikes an odd chord with most viewers as Tree Trunks, based off her voice and personality, is an older character and Finn is a fourteen year old boy. In "Crystals Have Power," Jake calls her "sassy," though it is highly likely he was talking about Quartzion. But Tree Trunks still loves Finn and nothing will change her mind about it.

Tree Trunks also seems to have a very strong, but misguided moral, as in "Apple Thief," where she would turn herself in for stealing her own apples and in Dream of Love, where she and Mr. Pig would publicly share their affection with each other, and although they try, they hide it poorly. Tree Trunks also doesn't want the two to stay at her house because it would be inappropriate for an unmarried couple to stay in the same house. However, at the beginning of the episode, Tree Trunks mentioned that Mr. Pig had been staying with her since the affairs in "Apple Thief."


She is a small, yellow-green elephant with wrinkly skin. She also has a small pink bow tied onto her tail. Her ears resemble oven mitts.

Quartzion the Crystal QueenEdit

S2e8 crystal guardians worshiping quartzion

In "Crystals Have Power," Tree Trunks returns with a new evil personality as main antagonist and mastermind of the episode. It is revealed that when she ate the Crystal Gem Apple and exploded, she was actually sent to the Crystal Dimension. There, she became Quartzion the Crystal Queen and ruled the Crystal Guardians, who were in love with her. Although the apple also gave her ultimate power, it overwhelmed her and made her, as Finn put it, "bananas with crystal power." Noticeable physical changes were present when she became Quartzion, as she grew to a significantly larger size and gained both gem-shaped eyes and a gray tint to her skin color. Her belly became pink. The abilities that she gained from eating the Crystal Gem Apple included flight via flapping her ears and the ability to shoot a highly destructive energy beam from her trunk. She had her Crystal Guardians kidnap Finn after she fell madly in love with him, with the intention of transforming him into her "sexy crystal king," to which Jake tried to stop them using non-violence. When Finn refused to be her king, she tried to kill him and Jake while still trying to convince Finn to marry her. After Jake realizes that he can hurt anybody that is evil from a vision with his father, he kicks the Crystal Gem Apple out of Tree Trunks and she returns to normal, with Finn also reverting to his normal form. She apologizes and admits her admiration for Finn, and goes back with Finn and Jake for apple pie through a portal generated by the Crystal Gem Apple.


Though not the best with enemies, she does have some special abilities which are yet to be exploited during the series. Her trunk can stretch to about two feet more than its original length. Also, like regular elephants, she can drink a large amount of water that she can spit at enemies. She also seems to have a good amount of strength when she managed to break her handcuffs in the episode "Apple Thief," which made the Banana Guards say "Wow" in amazement. With her sweetness and makeup, she can sometimes stall and seduce enemies. When she ate the Crystal Apple, she gained the ability to fly and shoot an energy beam from her trunk which can disintegrate any person. She also makes excellent apple pies, which even the Earl of Lemongrab has deemed "acceptable."


Finn and JakeEdit

185px-S1e4 tree trunks basket

Finn and Jake are playing with swords when Tree Trunks the elephant invites them into her house to have some of her apple pie. The first pie is touched by a fly, so Tree Trunks throws it away and makes another pie. As Finn and Jake eat the pie, Tree Trunks asks them what they would do if they could do anything. Finn says that he would catch a shooting star into space to fight space monsters, and Jake would carve his face onto the moon. Tree Trunks says she wants to pick an apple, but it is known as the rare Crystal Gem Apple. It is located in the Evil Forest, and Finn and Jake decide to make her wish come true.

When they reach the Evil Forest, they encounter the Wall of Flesh and try to fight it, but because Tree Trunks is naive, she begins putting stickers on it. The Wall of Flesh flees when Finn cuts off one of its arms, and soon Tree Trunks walks away, following a Skeleton Butterfly. She is attacked by Sign Zombies and begins having a tea party with them, not knowing they want to kill her. Finn and Jake fight off the Sign Zombies and continue their adventure, until they encounter a Brain Beast. Finn goes to fight it, but Tree Trunks' "adventurer's instincts" tell her to put on makeup and seduce the Brain Beast with her womanly charms. Jake has to leap in to save Tree Trunks while Finn attacks the monster's magic gem weak spot. After this adventure Tree Trunks admits that she thought Finn was cute.

256px-Pig kisses Tree Trunks

Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig kissing

Mr. PigEdit

Mr. Pig makes another appearance in "Dream of Love" as Tree Trunks' lover. In this episode it is revealed that he stays at Tree Trunks' house and is secretly in love with her. Tree Trunks calls him "Mr. Pig," which is when he got an official title. Mr. Pig confesses his affection for Tree Trunks and she admits she loves him, which results in the two publicly displaying their affection for one another. The citizens of the candy kingdom become disgusted by their displays of affection, which resulted in Finn and Jake trying (unsuccessfully) to separate the two.

Ice KingEdit

Tree Trunks and Ice King do not interact with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, the Earl of Lemongrab, and Shelby. Throughout the episode, she mispronounces his name "Ice Cream."


The first time Tree Trunks and Shelby interacted is in "Five More Short Graybles," where Tree Trunks mistakes Shelby for a middle finger. Tree Trunks and Shelby never closely interact with each other onscreen until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, Earl of Lemongrab, and Ice King. Tree Trunks and Shelby may also know each other from Finn and Jake Movie Club in "Video Makers."

Earl of LemongrabEdit

Tree Trunks and Lemongrab never interact with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Neptr, Ice King, and Shelby. Throughout the episode, she mispronounces his name "Lemoncarb."


Tree Trunks and Neptr never interact with each other until "Mystery Dungeon" where they work together, along with Ice King, Earl of Lemongrab, and Shelby. Throughout the episode, she mispronounces his name "Nectar."


  • Tree Trunks explodes in the episode "Tree Trunks," but was seen dancing in "Evicted!" According to Pendleton Ward, this is because "Evicted!" takes place before "Tree Trunks."
  • Originally, in the episode "Tree Trunks," the episode creators wanted Tree Trunks just to explode, but the Cartoon Network officials thought that it would be too morbid for younger viewers. However, in the "My Two Favorite People" DVD release, the scene of Tree Trunks in the Crystal Dimension was not included.
  • She can get a recently baked pie from the oven with just her trunk without suffering a burn.
  • In "Video Makers," she is shown to be in Finn and Jake's Movie Club.
  • Her favorite drink is apple juice, as shown in "Video Makers."
  • Tree Trunks has lipstick according to Finn in "Crystals Have Power."
Tree trunks boy

Tree Trunks' gender-swapped version

  • She has a gender swapped version of herself: Tree Trunks With Mustache & Bow Tie (Male).
  • Tree Trunks uses her trunk to water her garden.
  • Tree Trunks lives in the Candy Kingdom, as evidenced by being arrested by the Banana Guards in "Apple Thief" and being invited to the Candy Kingdom by Princess Bubblegum in "Slumber Party Panic."
  • Tree Trunks can control her ears and raise them so that they look like wings, as seen in the episode "Apple Thief."
  • She has starred in at least one episode for each season ("Tree Trunks" in season 1, "Crystals Have Power" in season 2,"Apple Thief" in season 3, "Dream of Love" in season 4 and "Mystery Dungeon" and "Five More Short Graybles" in season 5).
    • Season 5 is the first season that Tree Trunks has more than one major role.
  • Technically, when she became Quartzion, she became a temporary magic user.
  • The name Quartzion comes from the mineral quartz.
  • In "Mystery Dungeon," Tree Trunks mispronounces almost everyone's names. She called Ice King "Ice Cream," Lemongrab "Lemoncarb," and Neptr "Nectar," making Shelby the only one who's name was pronounced correctly.
    • This may be because she had already known his name before or by the time of "Five More Short Graybles."
    • According to the Adventure Time Theme Song, Tree Trunks is in the Candy Kingdom in part of the song, which might mean that the forest she is living in is near or in the Candy Kingdom.

Episodes featuredEdit

Major appearancesEdit

  • "Tree Trunks"
  • "Crystals Have Power"
  • "Apple Thief"
  • "Dream of Love"
  • "Five More Short Graybles"
  • "Mystery Dungeon"

Minor appearancesEdit

  • "Slumber Party Panic"
  • "Evicted!"
  • "Video Makers"
  • "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II"
  • "Burning Low" (non-speaking cameo)
  • "Time Sandwich" (mentioned)
  • "Love Games"


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