"The Great Mushroom War Part I"
Season 1, Episode 01
Director: ACat
Story: ACat
Written &
storyboarded by:


"The Great Mushroom War Part II"

"The Great Mushroom War Part I" is the first episode in the first season of CamDog and ACat's episodes. It is the first episode overall.


Nine hundred and ninety-eight years before Finn and Jake's time, Marcy's mom and Simon's fiancee work together to survive.



The episode opens with many shots of different areas of Ooo including ones of the Tree Fort and the snail. The words "998 YEARS AGO" are then displayed.

The scene cuts to the aftermath of the Great Mushroom War, and a thirty-year-old, black-haired woman is seen seen walking through some fog, coughing. After coughing more violently, the women collapses on the ground, unconscious.

Upon waking up, the woman discovers that she has been place inside a tent and is lying on top of a sleeping mat with a glass of water next to her. She sits up, takes a sip of water, then walks out of the tent to find Betty sitting on a log next to a fire, wearing a cloak identical to Maja's. Betty comments on how the women is awake and looking healthier. The woman asks where they are, and Betty explains that she found her unconscious on the ground and took her back to her camp. The women thanks her and asks her for her name. After receiving her answer, she shakes Betty's hand and identifies herself as Luna. Betty offers her a hot dog, which Luna accepts, taking a seat beside her.

Betty asks what happened to Luna that left her all alone out in the fog. Luna replies that she went out on a walk with her daughter, Marceline, and they noticed the ruin around them just before a bomb went off, emitting a foggy gas, which the two got lost in. Betty asks her how she managed not to notice that there was a war going on. Luna replies that she was living in the Nightosphere for many years. After explaining that the Nightosphere is a place where demons live, she tells Betty that she was living there because she fell in love with and got married to a monster named Hunson Abadeer who ruled over the land.

Following a rather lengthy silence, Luna asks the same question to Betty. She replies that she was with her fiancee, Simon Petrikov, when he put on a strange crown he had bought. He told her that there would be a war and that everyone was going to die. Anxious to be with him after he passed out of his psychotic phase, she ran off to find a cure to aging, being a skilled scientist. She discovered a formula that would temporarily stop aging but was not a permanent solution. Betty then tells Luna that even though she is fourty-seven, she appears to be in her twenties due to the formula. She injected herself with the serum at that age because that is the age at which Simon put the crown on, and she wanted to be able to pick up right where they left off. Luna remarked that she was an incredible person, which Betty thanked her for.

Just then, there was a loud rumbling in the distance. Betty, pointing towards a mountain from which the noise seemed to be coming from, explained to a confused Luna that a bomb was about to explode and set off that volcano. Luna started to panic while she helped Betty pack up. Luggage on her back, Betty led Luna in the opposite direction but found a cliff blocking their path. Betty unhooked a rope from her back and flung the end of it, which stuck into the cliff. She helped Luna get up and then followed her right as the volcano erupted. Luna worriedly pulled her up while she dodged falling debris. Betty made it to the top just as a pool of lava began forming below them.

Luna hugged her new friend as she pulled her up onto the cliff. Betty told her that it had been nice but that she had to go to finish her plan to bring back Simon. Luna solemnly agreed that it was probably for the best and wished her luck. She turned down Betty's offer to come with her, explaining that there had to be other people out there and she wanted to help them as much as Betty had helped her and maybe even start a breeding program to get life back on track. Luna pulled a letter out of her pocket along with a picture of Marceline, handing them both to Betty. She told her to give the letter to her daughter, the girl in the picture, if the two happened to meet during her travels. The two shared another hug and wished each other luck, heading in opposite directions.




  • Marceline (mentioned, photograph)
  • Snail


  • Hunson Abadeer
  • Simon


  • This episode's plot is continued in "The Great Mushroom War Part II".
  • This episode does not have the normal theme song because Finn and Jake are not in this episode.
  • SPOILER: Betty states that even though she is 47 in this episode, she is biologically about the same age as Luna due to a recent scientific discovery she made. This would explain her ability to get pregnant (see the Trivia sections of "Sweet Sixteen" and "Tai the Vampire".