"The Golden Harp"
Season 2, Episode 10
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Couple Night"
"Lost Memory"

"The Golden Harp" is the tenth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake search for a mystical artifact in the Cloud Kingdom.


Finn and Jake are at home when BMO walks in with a treasure map. He says he found it when he was cleaning the treasure room and said to Finn and Jake to be more careful with their stuff. BMO then headed downstairs again. Finn and Jake look at the map and it says that there is a golden harp located in the castle ruins of the Cloud Kingdom. Jake stretches, with Finn on his back, all the way to the Cloud Kingdom where they see several Cloud People walking around.

Finn and Jake continue to walk with the treasure map in their hands when they suddenly get approached by a cloud person. He introduces himself as Jack McCloud and is interested in the map. He takes a look on it and says that the map is the way to the hidden ruins in the Cloud Kingdom, and that there his princess is located. Jack tags along with Finn and Jake and they try to find the hidden caslte ruins. They eventually reach the border of the Cloud Kingdom and think there isn't a treasure or a princess nearby. As Finn and Jake want to leave, Jack protest and says it is hidden, they have to do something for it.

Jake suddenly got an idea, he stretched his arms and grabbed a bunch of clouds. He explained that if clouds hit each other a rain cloud will appear, so even if it's a cloud veil it will happen. Jake then threw the cloud forwards and it fortunatally hit the cloud veil. The hidden castle ruins appeared on the storm cloud. Jake stretched them to the other cloud. They walked over the black cloud and saw the ruins of the castle in front of them. They decided to enter.

Inside they heard a beautiful sound of a harp they followed the sound and arrived in a grand, wrecked, hall where and Ogre was sleeping. They could see the Golden Harp sitting in the tower room further ahead. They tried to sneak pass the Ogre but unfortunatally he woke up. Finn and Jack then began fighting the Ogre while Jake rescued Golden Harp. Finn and Jack gave a finishing blow to the Ogre and the four quickly escaped from the storm cloud. They arrived back in the Cloud Kingdom. Jack thanked them for saving Golden Harp. Finn says it's fine, but he is disappointed there wasn't a real treasure. Golden Harp then said they could have a magical golden snare, which was a lock of her hair. Jake put his snare in his viola and Finn simply put it in his pocket. The two then said goodbye to Jack and Golden Harp and departed from the Cloud Kingdom.


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  • Snail appeared at one of the cloud houses when Jake was grabbing some clouds.