Solar Princess
Solar Princess
Name Solar Princess
Gender Female
Age 14
Relatives Solar King (Father)

Solar Princess is a princess who lives on the sun and is the princess of the sun kingdom. She was also Finn's new girlfriend after his breakup with Flame Princess but then she fell in love with Cinnamon Bun and started dating him at the same time Flame Princess got back together with Finn. Solar Princess is much like Flame Princess, they both are made of fire and when Finn was dating Solar Princess, they had to use tin foil to hug and it hurt when they kissed. Unlike Flame Princess, Solar Princess has more control over her anger and only gets mad in the most major of situations. She is voiced by Tara Strong.


In the episode Fire and Light, she was revealed to have been Finn's new girlfriend after he broke up with Flame Princess. Flame Princess got in to a fight with her that was causing destruction everyewhere until Solar Princess fell in love with Cinnamon Bun giving Finn back to Flame Princess. In the episode "Solar Flare" more was explained about Solar Princess's relationship with Cinnamon Bun and what things were like on the sun.


Solar Princess is yellow and made out of solar flare light. Her hair is worn in a ponytail and slightly ressembles the hair of a gladiator girl. She wears a long white sparkling gown and has a little green vine in her hair.


Solar Princess is more calm and is better at controlling her anger than Flame Princess is the only things that get her mad is really major stuff such as what was seen in the episode Fire & Light where she was in a fight with Flame Princess.


Solar Princess has the ability to make herself grow really huge as seen in the episode Fire & Light and she can also shoot beams of light out of her hands which are so strong that they can burn through solid wood and even melt steel. Solar Princess also has the ability to throw solar flares at people. It was also revealed in this episode that she can control lightning and shoot the lightning bolts out of her hands by clapping them making a huge blast of plasma shoot out making it electrocute her oppoment. In the episode Light Speed It was proven that she can move at the speed of light. In the episode Just Kidding Around, it was revealed that Solar Princess had the power to shape shift kind of like how Jake does.

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Special AttacksEdit

  • Light Beam - Solar Princess shoots out a strong beam of light from her hands and onto the oppoment.
  • Solar Flare Toss - Solar Princess throws a solar flare at the oppoment.
  • Giant Attack - Solar Princess grows huge and starts pounding her fists on the ground.
  • Lightning Blast - Solar Princess will shoot lightning out of her in multiple directions. The only way for an oppoment to get past this unhurt is to run along the spaces between the lightning.
  • Solar Sword - Solar Princess will use her solar sword to cut the oppoment.
  • Shape Shift - Solar Princess will shape shift into a giant lion and attack the oppoment.


Solar Princess just serves as an assist that is summonable by Flame Princess in this game. Flame Princess can summon her to come out and blast a strong beam of light at the oppoment.


  • She is Finn's second official girlfriend.
  • She is Finn's ex-girlfriend, and Cinnamon Bun's ex-girlfriend, and Lunar Prince's current girlfriend.