"Snow Crystal"
Season 2, Episode 6
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Who is Your Princess?"
"Stupid Sock"

"Snow Crystal" is the sixth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Icey and Gunter venture the undergrounds of the Ice Kingdom in search for a special artifact.


Ice Princess came storming down from the stairs with a book in her hands. When she was downstair she quickly relaxed and has her cold face on. Ice King greeted her but she simply ignored him, she headed to Gunter and asked him if he would join her to find the Snow Crystal that she discovered by reading a book out of her father's study. Gunter sighed but agreed. They went into the livingroom again where Ice King was eating, he asked where they were going but Gunter only jumped on the table and threw a bottle on the ground which angered Ice King. Ice King shouted them to go away and mumbled to himself he didn't want to go with them anyway.

Icey and Gunter entered the ice cave that was in the mountain next to theirs. They went inside and Gunter quecked but Icey said not to worry because she can handle those wild ice elementals. Quickly they encountered an Icebear which shot ice pillars from his tusks, but Icey quickly defeated him by dropping an ice pillar in his back. They continued and went deeper and lower into the cave. It was much darker and they walked on a frozen lake inside the cave. Suddenly the ice broke and a Iceshark came out. Icey used her magic to repair the broken ice but the Shark bursted through it again. He broke more ice and made Gunter fall into the water. Icey jumped in too and grabbed Gunter. She saw the shark coming towards them and used her magic to freeze him in a sphere of ice underwater. The ball fell down to the endless bottom and the two went up again. They continued and arrived in a place full of shining snowlfakes and diamonds. They continued further and went into a room where they saw the giant Crystal Snowflake. They grabbed the Snow Crystal when suddenly a big ball of fire melted through the ceiling.

Icey and Gunter were startled and quickly started to run, while the ball of fire followed them and melted almost everything in it's way. The walked over the lake again thinking they might escape the fire ball but only the things behind the fire ball melted soit kept chasing them. The Iceshark came to the surface again to pull Icey back in back got hit by the fire ball on the back of his head and melted. Icey and Gunter ran towards the exit when suddenly the Icebear blocked their way, but Icey simply went over the Icebear with her ice powers. The Icebear was confused and the saw the fire ball approaching him and got hit by it causing him to melt. Icey and Gunter escaped from the cave and the fire ball rolled out of the cave until it was stopped by the snow.

Icey and Gunter went back to their home with the Snow Crystal and Icey gave it to her father, who was very happy. While Icey went to her room, Gunter followed Ice King to his prison where Finn and Jake were. Ice King showed Finn what he got from Icey and because he was so happy he decided to let Finn and Jake go.


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  • Snail was seen during the escape of Icey and Gunter from the fireball.