"Sewer War"
Season 1, Episode 19
Production code: 1011-49
Airdate: March 10
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:

"Sewer War" is the nineteenth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Susan Strong return to ask for Finn and Jake's help to defeat the Nacies who have invaded Beautopia.


Finn, Jake and BMO were watching a horror movie when suddenly they heard some noise in the Tree Fort. They looked around when suddenly a robotic mutant Nazi appeared before them and wanted to cut them with his knife but Susan Strong bashed into the "Nacie" and killed it. Finn asked what was going on and Susan said that those Nacies were invading Beautopia.

Finn, Jake and Susan went to the sewers and met up with other Hyoomen. Susan said that a small elite team would be chosen to take Beautopia back. Finn, Jake, Susan, Celina and four other Hyoomen went to Beautopia equipped with various weapons. They split up in two teams (Finn, Jake & Susan/ others) and sneaked into Beautopia. They killed the Nacies without them noticing. But one of them saw it and put on the alarm then the war really begun. While the Hyoomen team attacked the Nacies, Susan ordered Celina to call the back-up.

Finn, Jake and Susan headed towards the Town Hall where Herr Führer resided. They entered the building and fought the security. They arrived in the hall where they encountered Herr Führer. Meanwhile on the battlefield the team was in trouble when suddenly the other Hyoomen arrived and fought off the Nacies. Back in the Town Hall the three heroes battled Herr Führer but didn't seem to win. They thought up a tactic. Jake wanted to punch with a big hight which distracted HF but Jake punched in the stomach of him and he fell into the arms of Susan who held him  tight. Finn grabbed his sword and sliced his breathing tube which resulted in his death.

All the other Nacies were also defeated. The Hyoomen Tribe thanked Finn and Jake. Finn then walked up to Susan and asked why she let him feel her neck last time. Susan then said she was the same as him and pulled off her hat and revealed she was a human. Finn said it would be their secret, Finn and Jake left and while waving goodbye.


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  • In this episode it was revealed Susan was another human who had survived.
  • Susan's speaking got better since Beautopia.
  • The Nancies are understood by Finn as Nancies but he probably misinprented it as the Nancies are robotic mutant Nazi's.
  • Snail was sitting in the boat with Finn and Jake when they depart from Beautopia.