Season 2, Episode 12
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Lost Memory"
"Hidden Treasure"

"Rotkäppchen" is the twelfth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


A girl goes to her grandmother but encounters Why-wolves.


Marceline is floating through the forest when she suddenly sees a girl dressed in red wandering around in the woods. Marceline begins to sing Where Are You Going? and discovers that the girl is heading to her grandmother to regain her powers. Marceline suggests to help her and Ruby accepts after telling their names. They tag along through the woods which never seem to end. Marceline asks how long it will take before they arrive at her grandmother's home. Ruby says that they should be close. Suddenly Why-wolves appear and surround the two girls. Marceline transformes into a bat and throws most of the wolves away although some were able to escape.

Ruby thanks Marceline and says that they should hurry to her grandmother. When arriving at the cottage they enter it. Upon entering it they see it's completely abandoned. The door suddenly closes and Why-wolves appear from everywhere. Marceline advices Ruby to stay back, but Ruby says that it's better to be concerned about yourself. Marceline looks at Ruby who transformes into a red wolf. Marceline discovers it was all a set-up and begins to fight Ruby and the Why-wolves. After defeating most of the Why-wolves she is facing Ruby. The two storm at each other and enter a big battle. When Marceline is kicked against the wall she suddenly realises that the wolf is completely red, and that she might be able to suck the color along with her powers from Ruby. Marceline stands up again and rushes towards Ruby. Ruby also jumps forwards but Marceline suddenly disappears into mist. Ruby looks around confused when suddenly fangs of mist appear next to Ruby. Shortly after Ruby notices it Marceline makes herself visable and bits Ruby in her neck and sucks the red out of her.

A white wolf is lying on the ground, without energy. Marceline then takes a look at Ruby's neck and sees that she has been bitten by a Why-wolve, which also explains why she became one. Marceline says to herself that she mostly doesn't do this and sticks her fangs into the bite of the Why-wolves. She sucks out the poison of the wolfs and returns Ruby back to normal. Ruby, without any clothes, looks around confused and asks where she is. Marceline says she is safe. Marceline makes a red cape from the leftovers and gives it to Rube to cover her body. Ruby thanks her and suddenly feels her powers coming back. Ruby summons a dagger out of red essence. Ruby explains her powers come from his magical cape and give her the power to make weapons out of the essence from it. Marceline finds it interesting and suggests her to tell more while they're heading to her grandmother's real cottage.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Grandmother (mentioned)
  • Snail



  • Snail appears behind a tree during the long walk.
  • This marks the second time Marceline wears the Why-wolf dress.