"Return of the Tiny Cat"
Season 1, Episode 21
Production code: 1011-55
Airdate: March 24
Director: Larry Leichliter

Tanner Kufleitner

Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Lost Sword"

"Return of the Tiny Cat" is the twenty-first episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Me-Mow returns, but this time to kill Finn and Jake.


Finn and Jake were picnicing with Lady Rainicorn, a bird landed on Lady's belly which she found cute but Jake wanted to keep his baby safe, so he scared it away. They thought it was time to go home. Lady said she would be okay and flew away. Jake grabbed the basket and the boys went back to the Tree Fort, not knowing that Me-Mow had hidden herself inside of it.

Upon arrival at home they put the basket away and sat down on the couch and watched television through BMO's screen. In the meantime Me-Mow had escaped out of the basket and thought about her mission. (flashback) Me-Mow kneeled before Captain Mowford who ordered her to assassinate the ones that ruined her plans to kill Wildberry Princess. Me-Mow nodded and jumped on the Bird (from the first ep) and flew over Ooo and found Jake, Finn and Lady. She jumped off the bird and slid inside of the basket before it closed. (end flashback)

Me-Mow sneaked through the living room and was behind Finn. She then injected poison in his body which made Finn ill. Me-Mow then tried to assassinate BMO but when she injected inside of BMO nothing happened. BMO looked behind and saw her, BMO said that a mouse was in the Tree Fort. Jake then stood up and saw it was Me-Mow and corrected BMO, saying it was a very tiny cat. Finn, Jake and BMO chased Me-Mow when underway Finn fainted and fell on the ground. BMO said he would take care of Finn, and told Jake to get Me-Mow. Jake chased Me-Mow through the whole fort and lost track of her when he entered the bedroom. Jake explored the room and locked the door behind him. Me-Mow went to a place safe and decided to hide in Jake's viola. Inside she suddenly encountered Shelby.

Me-Mow grabbed her golden dagger and Shelby asked who she was. Me-Mow commented she was Shelby's killer, and stormed at him. An intense fight begun between Me-Mow and Shelby, but because of all the noise the viola rattled and also made musical noises. Jake headed over to his viola and shrunk to tiny size. Me-Mow cut Shelby and laughed but then got punched by Jake. The battle continued but now between Jake and Me-Mow, which eventually resulted in Jake winning. Jake took Me-Mow and Shelby out of the viola and went big again, he said that her time was over. Me-Mow then fluted and the bird flew into the window and pecked on Jake causing him to release Me-Mow, she then flew away. Finn and BMO walked into the room and asked what happened. Jake said that they won this round again, but the war wasn't over. Finn and BMO looked confused but they decided to go back to watching TV. Me-Mow on the other hand was flying on her bird, which she had named Chipy, and said she couldn't return home before she had regained her pride again.


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  • this is the first episode directed by Tanner Kufleitner the film's director.
  • Wildberry Princess was slated to appear in this episode but was eventually cut (only mentioned)
  • The ending says there probably will be another episode featuring Me-Mow in the future.
  • Snail is seen in the background when the camera zooms in on Jake's viola.