"Princess Slumber Party"
Season 1, Episode 7
Production code: 1011-24
Airdate: December 16
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Death Trial"
"BMO Classic Collection"

"Princess Slumber Party" is the seventh episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Princess Princess Princess orginizes a slumber party and (almost) all princesses are invited which leads to Ice King trying to break in.


Finn was lying on the grass along with Flame Princess and asked if she had any plans for tonight, Flame Princess says she is going to a slumber party of Princess Princess Princess. Finn asks why she is going there, FP answers that almost every princess is invited. That evening Princess Bubblegum asked Starchy to take charge for a little while, while she was gone and left along with LSP. Ice Princess also told her father that she was going to the slumber party, Ice King first disagrees but then came up with a plan and let her go.

At the party a few princesses are led to one chamber and the rest to another chamber. The princesses are having a fun time and do girl things. Finn and Jake also arrived at the castle of PPP and looked inside of a window and saw the party. Jake wanted to go in, although Finn thought it would be better not to do. Jake eventually convinces Finn and they dress up as a "princess" and enter the party as Stretchy Princess. They inviltrated the party succesfully until they started to play Truth or Dare. Finn and Jake's cover was almost discovered when they asked which boy they liked the most, but they quickly asnwered Prince Huge was.

After some time Finn and Jake got bored and discussed that they should leave, because they had to do princesses things. They left the slumber party dissapointed when suddenly Ice King stormed in and attacked the princesses. The two returned to fight the Ice King and defeated him. Ice King left and immediately took the protesting Icey with him. LSP walked up to Finn and discovered he and Jake were Stretchy Princess. They asked why they did that, Finn told he wanted to know what they were doing during slumber party's but Jake said he just wanted to see some naked body's (although his sentence was interrupted by Finn who held his hand before Jake's mouth). PPP then approached them and told them to get out, Jake wanted to protest but her "monster head" said to quickly get away. Jake and Finn quickly left. Finn asked Jake what the last game in slumber party's are, Jake responded that it is something for grown-ups and with that said the episode ended.


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  • The minor princesses go to another part of the castle and PPP keeps switching between the chambers.
  • Ghost Princess appears although she's in peace.
  • This marks the first appearance of Phil Face Princess.