"Ooo's Pet Show"
Season 1, Episode 5
Production code: 1011-21
Airdate: December 2
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Fionna & Cake Return!"
"Death Trial"

"Ooo's Pet Show" is the fifth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King, disguised as a candy corn, organised a Pet Show where all kind of people all over the Land of Ooo came to attend and watch. But they don't know Ice King has a plan behind it.


Finn and Jake just left the Candy Kingdom when they see a pamflet that reads: "Ooo's Pet Show" Finn and Jake then decide to sign up in the hopes that they will win the competition. Ice King watches the patricipants signing up Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Flame Princess, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess and more.

A few days later all the candidates were gathered at a spot somewhere in the Grass Lands, where a big tribune and podium were located. Ice King said to Ice Princess that she also has to participate and win. The first round is the introduction round where everyone introduces his or hers pet. Ice King, as a Candy Corn, only let's the major characters pass the first round. In the second round they must show their talents. Jake grabs Ice King and jiggles with him and throws him from side to side and let's him fall through his spiral body on his soft butt.

Lady Rainicorn flies up to the sky and makes a beautiful rainbow, all kind of colors then shine down on the podium where she lands. Niran spits flames into the air and creates a heart of fire, she afterwards jumps through the hearts she created and lands on the podium. Schwabl appears on stage and begins to bark-sing the song of Daddy by Marceline, where Ice King is a big fan of. LSP's Frog jumps around and eats all the flies in the area. The Crocodile with Party Hat makes some music and begins to dance on it. Lemon Camel blanced several objects on his back and throws everythig into the air and catches it in his bag. Lastly came Ice Princess who threw Gunter in the air. Gunter then spits out snow and makes is snow on the stage, he then falls into a big pile of snow and pops out of it.

After the round was over Jake told Finn that the judge felt cold, ice cold. In the third round the pets had to fight each other. Gunter vs Frog, Crocodile vs Niran, Schwabl vs Lady Rainicorn and Jake vs Lemon Camel. The winners of the fights were Gunter, Niran, Lady Rainicorn and Jake. In the pre-finals Lady Rainicorn had to fight Jake and Niran had to fight Gunter. Jake let Lady win and Niran defeated Gunter. Lady then had to fight Niran.

Marceline, LSP and Slime Princess came too Finn and told him that the judge was doing very weird. Finn first just thought they said that because they lost but Jake also mentioned it. Icey then approached to confess this is a trap and that Ice King wants to capture both PB and FP. Finn wanted to stop Ice King when he saw that the battle between Lady and Niran was over and that Niran had won. But right after that the Candy Corn walked up to the stage and revealed himself as Ice King. He froze PB and Gunter locked up FP. He grabbed FP and PB and flew away but came back because he also wanted Slime Princess and flew away again.

Lady flew to Finn, Jake and the others and said to jump on. Finn, Jake, Icey and Crocodile jumped on and they flew to the Ice Kingdom and Niran followed them. Marceline and LSP decided to stay in the Candy Kingdom. They arrived at Ice King's castle. Niran stayed outside and fought of the army of Snow Golems. The rest entered the chamber. They battled Ice King and freed the princesses. Ice King was already bored and sent Icey to her room. Flame Princess jumped on Niran and departed. SP went away on Crocodile who appearantly could dig into the ground. Lady and PB also went back so Finn and Jake also went back to their Tree Fort.


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  • Many characters make their first appearance in season 5 in this episode.
  • Many characters who only appeared once also appear, like Queen Bee and Cute King.
  • Ice King told he usually never catched Flame Princess because he was afraid she would melt his kingdom, until he bought lantern online.
  • The Slime Kingdom is suggested to be located under the ground.
  • The Snail is seen standing and waving between the contesters at the beginning.