"No More Adventure"
Season 2, Episode 1
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Blizzard Storm"
"Visiting Elf Kingdom"

"No More Adventure" is the first episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


After the enemies were defeated Finn decided to stop adventuring. His friends want to give him motives again.


Finn is totally bored sitting on his couch in the Tree Fort when Jake and BMO walk in and ask why is was doing nothing. When Finn doesn't give an answer Jake and BMO look to each other. Jake asks if he wants to come along to go on adventure but Finn sighs and says he's not in the mood. BMO then walks up to him and says if he wants to beat monsters. Finn then says he doesn't want to go on adventure anymore, to the shock of Jake and BMO.

Jake and BMO go to the Candy Kingdom and find Princess Bubblegum, explain things to her and ask if she wants to help. Bonnibel says that if Ice King kidnapps her again, maybe Finn will rescue her. Jake tells BMO to stay with PB while he goes to see Ice King. When he arrives in the Ice Kingdom he sees Ice King walking out of his study while crying over a book. Jake looks weird, Ice King sees Jake and quickly throws away the book. Jake, ignoring what just happened, asked if he wanted to kidnapp PB again. Ice King was shocked and said he actually had Wildberry Princess on the schedule today. Jake says Finn has given up on adventure, Ice King then looks shocked and says they have no time to lose, so they go. While Ice King kidnapps PB, Jake goes to Finn to tell the news. Finn then comments that she can save herself.

Jake disappointed walks out of the Tree Fort and sees BMO again but now with LSP. LSP says she wanted to help Finn. Jake calls Lady over and asks to bring LSP to Ice King too. When Lady drops LSP off by Ice King she says she wants to be captured too, for Finn. LSP advices Ice King to kidnapp even more princesses. BMO and Jake enter the Tree Fort again and say that Ice King has kidnapped several princesses already, and that he can't save them alone. Finn sighs grabs his swords and decides to go with Jake. The two go to the Ice Kingdom.

When arrived they see that Ice King's prison is filled with princesses. Jake looks to Ice King who gives Jake thumbs up. Finn then suddenly realizes that it is a set-up and decides to go home again. When he turns back suddenly the Swamp Monster breaks into Ice King's home. It slams Ice King against the wall and all the princesses try to escape on Lady, except for PB and LSP. Finn then turns around grabs his swords and slays the Swamp Monster. Ice King then comments that there still is a lot to fight for, although Finn might not realize this yet. Finn agrees and says he will never give up adventure again.


Main CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Gunter
  • Princesses
    • Wildberry Princess
    • Hot Dog Princess
    • Jungle Princess
    • Raggedy Princess
    • Slime Princess
    • Emerald Princess
  • Swamp Giant
  • Snail


  • Snails is seen along with the princesses in the jail.