"Miss Lumpy Space"
Season 1, Episode 16
Production code: 1011-44
Airdate: February 17
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Fierce Date"
"Shiver Me Timber"

"Miss Lumpy Space" is the sixteenth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Lumpy Space Princess signs in to be the next Miss Lumpy Space but want the help of Jake so she can win the competition.


Finn and Jake were fighting with their 5:00 PM, Science Cat and Shark. They defeated them when suddenly Lumpy Space Princess ran towards them, she almost was crying and asked if Jake could help her. Jake asked what was wrong, LSP answered that she needed an expert to help her win the Miss Lumpy Space. Jake agreed and helped her.

Jake and LSP went through some of the rounds that would appears in the contest. Those were; Introduction, Swimsuit, Talent and Speech. They practized the walking but LSP kept tripping on her heels, Jake then said that Finn would demonstrate it. After some attempts she did it. Jake and LSP went shopping for swimsuits and used Finn as the one to try the swimsuits on. They then tried to figure out what LSP talent was and found out she was bad at singing, dancing and juggling but she found out she was good on the trapeze. Then Jake and LSP practiced her speech but she kept straying from the point so they just hoped she would do it good.

Jake and Finn then made LSP beautiful by shopping for a good dress and by doing her make-up. Then she was ready for the Miss LP. They went to Lumpy Space and watched the show. LSP talked with Melissa who told Brad had broke up with her for Nina. Nina then appeared along with Brad and said the girls to "break a lump." LSP, Melissa and Nina then went on stage and went through all of the rounds which all went well. Then they had to do a speech. Melissa screwed up her speech but Nina did it really good. LSP did her speech, when she looked at Jake she knew what to do and held the greatest speech in her life.

The Lumpy Space Host then announced that LSP was the winner and became Miss Lumpy Space. After the contest Brad asked her to be his girlfriend again and she said yes. Nina then attacked LSP but before she could hit her Jake punched her away. LSP then thanked Jake for everything and wanted to give him a kiss on his cheek but Jake refused.


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  • All the people from "Lumpy Space Trouble" appear again, most of them are in the audience.
  • Turtle Princess, PB and Lady also appear in the audience.
  • Shark and Science Cat make their second appearance.
  • Snail is seen in the dressing room when LSP is changing her clothes.