Luna Abadeer
Marcelines mother
A picture of Hunson Abadeer, Marceline, and Luna (seen in "Return to the Nightosphere" and "Demon Dining")
Name Luna Abadeer
Gender Female
Age 1030 (if still alive)

Deceased (presumably)

Species Human
Occupation May have participated in a breeding program
Relatives Hunson Abadeer (husband)

Marceline (daughter)

Marshall Abadeer (son)

Introduced In "Henchman" (mentioned, Adventure Time)

"The Great Mushroom War Part I" (CamDog and ACat's episodes)

Latest Appearance "Return to the Nightosphere"(photograph, Adventure Time)

"Demon Dining" (mentioned,photograph, CamDog and ACat's episodes)

Luna Abadeer was the mother of Marceline and Marshall Abadeer and the wife of Hunson Abadeer.


Luna married Hunson Abadeer and had Marceline seven years before the Great Mushroom War, during which time she lived in the Nightosphere. Four years later, she gave birth to Marshall. She later left the Nightosphere with her daughter. When the War started, the two were separated. She survived through the early years of Ooo with the help of Betty Petrikov. Shortly before the two parted ways, she told Betty that she was going to find other humans and take part in a breeding program, so she may be an ancestor of the Mertens family. She is most likely dead, since she is merely a human and would have to be over a thousand years old if she was still alive. However, like Betty and Simon, she could have unnaturally extended her life somehow.


Luna looks very much like Marceline does now but is slightly shorter and less skinny. She has normal human skin and no bite mark, unlike her daughter.


She did not seem to have many physical abilities, since she mainly relied on Betty to survive.



Luna and Betty were good friends during the aftermath of the Great Mushroom War. They helped each other live through the chaos of those times. Betty believed that they were the last two humans on Earth, but Luna stayed optimistic and assured her that there were others out there. Luna trusted Betty enough to allow her to deliver a letter to Marceline if the two ever crossed paths.


Luna was very loving and protective of Marceline. She is shown to be willing to go very far to survive and find her. She is kind to her friends and is shyer and quieter than her fun-loving daughter. In "The Christmas Album", it is shown that she celebrated Christmas with Marcy and Hunson when the former was three years old.

Hunson AbadeerEdit

She described Hunson as a monster and showed regret towards marrying him, though she did love him at some point as seen in "The Christmas Album" when she happily celebrated Christmas with him and Marcy.

Marshall Abadeer/Other ChildrenEdit

Luna didn't seem to care about her other children very much and never mentioned them to Betty.

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  • Since she celebrated Christmas, she might be a Christian.