Atlantica Vorpine II
Name Atlantica Vorpine II
Gender Female
Age 43 (debut)

44 (as of "Sweet Sixteen", assuming that she is exactly 28 years older than her daughter)

45 (as of season three)

Species Lake People
Occupation Queen

Co-ruler of the Lake Kingdom

Co-leader of the Lake Army (in "War")

Relatives Lake King (husband)

Attie (daughter)

Atlantica Vorpine (mother)

Introduced In "The Princess of the Lake"
Latest Appearance "Quintel the Quick"

Lake Queen (or Atlantica Vorpine II) is the queen and co-ruler of the Lake Kingdom.


Like most people residing in the Lake Kingdom, Lake Queen has pale, turquoise skin and blue, water-like hair. Her hair is about the length of her daughter's and is always pulled up in a bun. It does not flow as fast as her daughter's because, as confirmed by ACat, the hair of water elementals starts to lose its liveliness as the individual grows older. Her ears look just like Flame Prince's but are turquoise, despite the fact that Lake Prince, Lake Princess's gender-swap, has normal ears. She has one royal gem in her forehead that is shaped like a drop of water and wears earrings with identical gems. She wears a dress that looks like her daughter's first one but is poofier and has a waterfall effect. In "Road Trip", she wears a skirt.


None of her abilities have been shown yet, though it is assumed that she has the same powers as her husband and daughter.


Lake KingEdit

Lake Queen and Lake King love each other very much, affectionately addressing each other by their first names. Although they are co-rulers of the kingdom, he makes most of the decisions, and she simply agrees with them. She brings out the good in him and helped him be friendly to the strangers (Finn and Jake) in "The Princess of the Lake" and encouraged him to make conversation and get along with Finn in "Road Trip". Though they are married, she chose to keep her maiden name and bestowed it upon their child as well. Only Lake King attended the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty in "The Survey", meaning that he might have some sort of higher standing as royalty than her. When the Lake Army fell in "War", the two fled to the Lake Kingdom together, holding hands.


Lake Queen is very nice and friendly towards Finn. She always wants to hear more about him and enjoys the stories he tells. She thanks him for rescuing Lake Princess from the Ice King twice: once in "The Princess of the Lake" and once and "Road Trip". They fought on opposing sides in "War".


Lake Queen smiles around Jake and welcomed him into her kingdom in "The Princess of the Lake". She thanked him for saving her daughter in that same episode and calls him "[Finn's] brave dog" in "Road Trip". They fought on opposing sides in "War".


Lake Queen is nice enough towards her daughter and affectionately calls her "sweetie". She reminds Lake Princess in "Road Trip" that Lake King does not like it when she wears yellow, which annoys her. Nevertheless, Attie shows a strong preference of her mother over her father. Atlantica (the second) called for her mom shortly before being forced to leave the Lake Kingdom, hinting that she probably relies on her to get her out of most arguments between her and her father. They fought on opposing sides in "War". She still misses her daughter, as revealed in "Quintel the Quick".


Lake Queen seems to be fond of Gargelle since even though her husband was the one to personally invite her to come with them on their road trip, it was her idea.

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  • She was created by ACat.
  • Her name (as well as her mother's and her daughter's) is a reference to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • When Lake King tells a story in "Road Trip", it is revealed that he and his wife had Lake Princess when they were both 28, which is how old ACat's parents were when they had his older sister.