Season 2, Episode 3
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Visiting Elf Kingdom"
"New Five Short Graybles"

"Illness" is the third episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


Princess Bubblegum tries to find a cure for Cinnamon Bun's disease.


Finn and Jake rush into the castle of the Candy Kingdom holding Cinnamon Bun in their arms and laid him down on the desk of Bubblegum who was shocked to see Cinnamon Bun in such a horrible state. Finn and Jake said that Cinnamon Bun is very sick because he ate a green light orb. Princess Bubblegum examined Cinnamon Bun and said she had to go to the Herbal Kingdom to get the cure. Bubblegum asked Finn and Jake to take care of the kingdom while she goes with a small team away.

Princess Bubblegum went along with Lady, Cinnamon Bun and Science to the Herbal Kingdom. Lady was carrying Cinnamon Bun while Science was on PB's shoulder. The Herbal Kingdom is very dangerous, as you can easily infect yourself or get attacked. Upon entering they looked at the map that said the cure was inside of the BioHazard Station. They headed into that direction when suddenly Glowworm bursts out of the ground and charged a laser from his mouth. Lady quickly hurled around PB and teleported behind the Glowworm. PB then grabbed her hunnysword and stabbed the glowworm in it's back. The Glowworm shouted and turned around, he charged another laser but PB slashed him in his body again, this time making him go away, back into the ground.

They continued and arrived in the village which was toxic green. They saw that the quickest way was to go through a cornfield. They walked the path in the field and eventually arrived on the field of a farm and could see the BioHazard Station. They ran towards it when suddenly Neono Gardener stopped them. He extended his hark that rushed towards the heroes, but Peebs blocked it with her sword. He pulled his hark back and the two ran towards each other, Neono Gardener then swung his scythe vertically in the air while it was spinning which hit Peebs. When peebs was on the ground he wanted to finish her with his scythe but Lady bashes into him with her horn and electrifying him, Neono Gardener hit Lady with his shovel but Lady kept continue. Neono Gardener fell down to the ground, Lady said he will regain conscious soon so they left. Peebs then said it would be better if Lady made them toxic green, and she did.

The four entered the BioHazard Station where first nobody noticed them, so they headed to the labwhere bottles with cures were stored. Science crawled into the system and opened the door for them. PB said she will take a few along with her, just in case. When she grabbed the the alarm went off and they tried to escape. In the main hall they encountered BioHazard Ninja who battled them. He throws his shurikens but Peebs blocked them with her sword. Bio Ninja explained the use of his shurikens which made Peebs even more alert. Lady stayed back to protect Cinnamon Bun while PB fought Bio Ninja. After throwing shurikens didn't work he put the shurikens away and fought hand-on-hand. On a moment when PB blocked him Science crawled from her shoulder to Bio Ninja and kicked him in his face. PB then kicked him unconscious and Lady turned him pink. The four escaped from the place on Lady's back and Lady turned them normal (if they flied earlier they would be spotted, but doing it now wouldn't matter). They escaped the Herbal Kingdom and returned to the Candy Kingdom.

They met Finn and Jake again but quickly continued to the lab where they put Cinnamon Bun on the desk. Finn asked why they hadn't done that there already and PB responded that they had less time than they expected. After PB injected Cinnamon Bun with the cure he returned to normal and thanked PB. He then asked if she would mind making another delicious sandwich for him, and they all laughed.


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  • Snail is seen on the background while they were walking through the cornfield.
  • Princess Bubblegum used the same sword she was seen wielding in "Reign of Gunthers".
  • Lady apparently also has the ability to electrify people by shooting shocks from her horn. However her kids were seen shooting electric shocks in "Jake the Dad".