Ice KingEdit

Ice King and Ice Princess have a typical father - teen daughter relationship. Ice King first sends her to let Finn like her and befriend the other princesses which Ice Princess denies to do. She is constantly arguing with her father about coming home late again, or wearing too much make-up and not being evil. Ice Princess made Ice King even cry because of her cold responses.

Although Ice King and his daughter argue a lot they still love each other. Icey will not hesitate to fight him, but she doesn't damage him badly (like Finn and Jake mostly do). She thinks of her father like an old creep but still has some personality from him, like when Icey created a new Ice Age because she lost her temper.


Gunter and Ice Princess get along better than she does with her own father. She sees Gunter as a mother-figure who always cares for her and comforts her when she is sad. Gunter also can to her room once where she saw Ice Princess crying which she rarely does. Gunter also sometimes to calm Ice King down and not to be so rude against his daughter.



Ice Princess and Finn seem to get along very well after she had explained she has no intention to hurt him. She shared her story with Finn, which was surprisely very long because of the inprented memories she got, and Finn trusted her. Finn and Ice Princess have no romantic relationship at all and consider each other as friends. Flame Princess sometimes thinks that they have emotions for each other but Finn convinced FP that that's just something natural of girldfriends.


Ice Princess and Jake don't seem to get along well with each other, unlike she does with Finn. Jake still doesn't trust her because she is the daughter of the Ice King, who is evil. Although Ice Princess did explain her story he doesn't trust her but that doesn't bother Ice Princess. Further than that they get along well.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum was the first one to meet Ice Princess after her creation, besides Ice King and Gunter. Ice Princess wanted to attack her first but because PB asked why she wanted to do that Icey explained it to her. After Icey explained it PB said she could live an own life and didn't have to obey her father. Icey agreed and went back. She later also saved Princess Bubblegum from her father who tried to kidnap her along with other princesses.

Flame PrincessEdit

Flame Princess has some rivalary with Ice Princess, mainly because Flame Princess thinks that Finn likes her and that she also likes Finn while Flame Princess is his current girlfriend. Flame Princess often spies on Ice Princess when together with Finn, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all and mostly knows when she's spying on her. The two of them did seem to get along well later, especially when they teamed up to stop their fathers from beginning a war that could destroy a big part of the Land of Ooo.

Coal KnightEdit

The Coal Knight befriended Ice Princess after she had run away from her home. He cared for her when she was injured and left her with some important advice about fathers. It was revealed later that he was the illigemite son of the Flame King, and thus the half-brother of Flame Princess. However he and Ice Princess seem to be on good terms with each other.

Lumpy Space PrincessEdit

Lumpy Space Princess likes the personality of Ice Princess but also likes her looks very much. They become befriend each other quickly. LSP likes the personality of Ice Princess and likes to hang out with her. She was very happy when she was saved by her.



When Princess Bubblegum had rebuild the Finnator she hoped that he would work this time. However it turned out that the android's main goal now was to destroy Ice King, because Princess Bubblegum did something wrong with the programming. Ice Princess wanted to protect her father and defended him by jumping in front of a fatal attack. This also lead to her death in the series.