Ice Princess
Ice Princess
Name Ice Princess
Gender Female
Age 14
Species Ice Elemental

Echinda (Adventure X)

Occupation Princess
Relatives Ice King (father)

Gunter (mother)
Neptr (broither)

Introduced In Frozen Tears
Latest Appearance Adventure Time 9: Adventure X
Voiced by Kiernan Shipka

Ice Princess (often being called IP or Icey) is the princess of the Ice Kingdom and the daughter of the Ice King. Although she is the daughter of the Ice King she is not evil but is ordered to do so from her father. She later on becomes friends with the other princesses and eventually Finn and Arthur.


The Ice King was tired of being so lonely so he and Gunter made a daughter together, the Ice Princess. Ice Princess is made the last remaining hair on the Ice King's head, crystallized sugar, thee different spices, everything ice and Gunter secretly also put a hair of his in.


Ice Princess' appearance bears much resemblance to a younger Ice Queen from the fan-fiction story of the Ice King. She has light-blue skin, short white hair and normal white eyebrows, unlike the lightning sharped eyebrown of the Ice Queen. Her hair is wavy with curls instead of shaggy like her father's. She wears a small gold tiara with red gems and a neck band encrusted with a single blue gem in the center. She also wears a blue short sleeved ball gown, and light and dark blue shoes.


Ice Princess has Ice Powers and is the only one who didn't master them by wearing a crown but had them since birth. The main application of Ice Princess' powers are the large icy lightning bolts she shoots at her opponents. She can also manipulate the water in the air to create shields, and can even create torrents of icy weather at will. Also seen is that the Ice Princess is able to manipulate any ice in the area telekinetically.

Even though the Ice Princess does possess a weakness towards heat and fire, she can withstand it for a period of time if need be. she can create a strong ice dome that withstands the fire elemental's power for a longer period of time than one would typically consider the interaction between ice and fire.

Another common use of his Ice Powers is the Ice Princess' ability to fly. Unlike her father who uses his beard to fly she can actually fly because of the hair of Gunter she has inside of her. Penguins originally could fly and she got a hair from his wings, thus gaining that ability too.

It is conformed that the Ice Princess' powers are far greater than her father's as shown when she almost created another Ice Age. She learned in "Icy Blade" from Finn and Jake how to use fridjutsu and often uses it during combat, unlike Ice King.


At the surface Ice Princess may seem like a cold hearted person just like her father, but she is quite the opposite. From the day of her creation she quickly discovered that her father was nuts, so she doesn't take him too seriously. Ice Princess is most open to her "mother" Gunter but enjoys the company of others too.

She is good friends with Finn and Jake. However she has a better friendship with Princess Bubblegum, who secretly wants Ice Princess to take over the Ice Kingdom so Ice King would stop causing so many trouble. But altough her father is an idiot she does love him and doesn't want to ruin his fun, although he sometimes ruins it for others.


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Mirai NikkiEdit

Icey plays as a character in Adventure Time: Mirai Nikki. She plays the role of Mao Nonosaka who is one of Yukiteru's (Finn) friends at his new school. She is in love with Hinata (Marceline) and owns an apprentice diary called "Marceline Love Diary".

MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Force of Blizzard: Icey shoots a powerful blast of snow from her palms, pushing the opponent away too when near.
  • Icicle Kick: Icey does a backwards kick, while standing on one arm. When she hits a projectile with it, it will backfire as an icicle.
  • Flying Jump: Icey will jump into the air, leaving a track of ice behind her, she can angle this move in the wished direction.
  • Snowblind: Icey will vanish with a spontaneous burst of snow, and reappear behind the opponent.
  • Ice Nugget: Icey will summon an ice nugget above the opponents head that will fall down on their head, this move can't be evaded.
    • The enchanted version is called Ice Chunk which is a much bigger nugget and does more damage.
  • Thin Ice: Icey will create a thin wall of ice in front of her that will block her from any attack. She is able to attack the opponent without breaking the ice.
  • X-Ray - Fridjitzu: Icey creates two ice fists, she first one she slams in the opponent's back, the second one uppercuts the opponent afterwards.


  • 1000 Icicles: Icey summons a thousand tiny small icicles, almost needles, around the opponent and then  impales them with it. Their body then falls on the ground with the icicles still in it.
  • Pillar of Fate: Icey creates a large pillar of ice, with the opponent in the middle. A giant lance is then created and impales the opponent. The lance breaks and the frozen opponent shatters when making contact with the ground.

Special SkinsEdit

  • Fridjitzu Ninja: Ice Princess' ninja outfit from the episode "Icy Blade".
  • Ice Prince: genderswapped version of Ice Princess.

Super Adventure SeriesEdit

New Super Adventure Bros. WiiEdit

Ice Princess as a boss of World 3. Her stage for both the tower and castle are the same: ground made up of ice which makes movement difficult due to its slipperiness. There is also a pit in both ends of the stage.

Before battling her, Ice Princess is shocked by seeing Finn but begins hovering in the air, presumably to regain confidence, ready to fight.

At the World 3 tower, Ice Princess conjures a ball of ice and it will harm Finn if he doesn't dodge it. When she gets stomped on, IP spins uncontrollably while shooting ice balls uncontrollably as well, trying to hit the characters. When she gains controal again, she increases the number of balls she sends out to the player by one. Up to three balls are sent out to the player to hit him or her. Once defeated, IP retreats from his tower by flying to where her father, Ice King is at, at the end of the world.

Upon meeting her there in the castle, Ice King will appear. Ice Princess once again resorts to trying to hit the players, but this time the players need to defeat Ice King and Ice Princess. When she gets hit two times, she hovers way high into the air, making it hard to hit her a third time. Upon being defeated again, Ice Princess reveals that she was also put under a spell and is released while Ice King falls off-screen and the players receive a key which allows Finn to pursue the airship that Princess Bubblegum and Marceline is captured into World 4.

New Super Adventure Bros. 2

Ice Princess, along with the other villains, returns in New Super Adventure Bros. 2 as a castle boss. She is the second-to-last villain to be fought In terms of his battle, it is similar to her first encounter in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, the difference being the floor; instead of ice, there is a conveyor belt, with a button up on the ceiling to alter the direction. Because of said conveyor belt, when she attacks uncontrolably or uses her ram attack, she'll go faster in one direction and slower in the opposite, depending on the direction the belt is going. Finn will also go faster one direction and slower the other. After 3 stomps, Icey is defeated and gives up the Key to World 5. Oddly, despite being seen dragging Marceline along when her world is unlocked, the aftermath of the battle does not have Finn discovering Marceline in the room after her.

Once again after he enters the room, like in New Super Adventure Bros. Wii, she'll do a rise into the air before she battles.

New Super Adventure Bros. U

Ice Princess appears once again in New Super Adventure Bros. U, getting her own customized Airship like the rest of the villains. She is the Castle boss of the forest and thus, the first villain to be fought. When Finn enters her airship, Ice Princess gets shocked once again, but this time  she begins hovering in the air and does a backflip that makes her land perfectly on her cloud in a tippy toe. She now generates bombs with her bare hands, and tosses them at Finn in the style of bouncing balls. Like Marsha, Flame Princess, and Lord Grim, Icey's boss battle will involve her using a weapon instead of a Magic. After being hit on twice, he will start throwing larger bombs. After three hits on the head, she will be defeated and returns to normal, being freed from her spell.

Icey has an airship with his face as the bow and  a blue deck. The stern of her ship has a white color design. Like most of the airships, Icey's airship is equipped with a propeller at the back of her ship as well as another one placed just beneath the crow's nest. The airship is equipped with two cannons, one on each side. There are also light blue lids on top of the cannons used for closing and opening the cannons. She has the smallest airship out of all the villains. 

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