Name Genesis
Gender Male
Age Unknown (far over 1000)
Species Genie
Occupation Genie (delinquent)
Introduced In Most Magical Magician
Latest Appearance The Lava Lamp
Voiced by Zack Shada

Genesis, (full title: Gene the Genie) also called The Most Magical Magician and Gene for short is a Genie who lives in the Land of Ooo. Initially created as a stand-alone character, he has since become one of the main characters in the DHK Episodes.


Gene stated that he came into being thousands of years ago, and was born to meet the greed of humans. In his flashbacks he showed that humans often came to him seeking anything from common household items to unbelievable wonders, and almost always payed the price he demanded. Having lived for decades serving the demands of humans, Gene had become embittered towards the species, and sees humans as only greedy and selfish creatures.

Gene recalled the mushroom war once, stating that it was "just another human mistake". In the aftermath of the war, Gene took to living withing a mansion in a cave beyond the lava-tipped mountains, and though he rarely expects visitors, he still grants the desires of people who seek him out.

At some point in the past, Gene met Marceline the Vampire Queen, an encounter she has forbidden him to speak about. It was later revealed that they had a traffic light relationship which mostly ended because of Marceline's self-doubt. Now that Marceline is with Bonnibel, they remain as friends, although talking about their past is still forbidden.

At another time, he met and battled Magic Man, though the results of the conflict remain unknown. Yet they have been rivals since and constantly try to get in each others way. Approximately 20 years before the start of the story, Gene constructed the Taffy Tower on the outskirts of the Candy Kingdom. In it, he placed the Ring of Doing Things.


Gene appears to be a tall, thin, light-blue, pointed-eared humanoid. He has short-cut dark blonde hair and flashbacks showed he used to have a mustache. Gene almost always wears jeans and a blue-spotted Hawaiian shirt over a grey undershirt. Due to his nature as a genie, his appearance can change depending on the situation. He has had green skin, a mustache, scales, and a tail on different occasions.

When Gene ate one of Finn's socks, he is shown to have snake-like irises, sharp teeth, as well as a long tongue.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gene is an extremely eccentric person, and lot of the things he does is 'spur-of-the-moment'. He is shown to dutifully fulfill the wishes of any human who encounters him, although he always demands some sort of payment. The 'payment' he demands seems to vary from person to person: flashbacks show him asking for money or food, yet when Finn asked him to spy on Princess Bubblegum, Gene asked to eat one of Finn's socks.

Jason eating one of Finn's socks.

Despite his claimed neutrality in the Land of Ooo, Gene is shown favoring one side over the other in conflicts, usually for his own enjoyment. He assisted Finn and Jake during their battle against the Lava Lord (calling the Lord too "Hot-headed" for [his] tastes), but also has been known to work against the Candy Kingdom on one occasion; having reversed everyone's directions in the entire kingdom because it made him laugh.

He has a deep-seated resentment of humans, as he believes that they are selfish and greedy. This led him to be surprised when Finn asked him for a selfless favor when they first meet, and prompts him to not only do it for free, but provide Finn with the "Evil-Guy-Slaying Sword".

Powers and abilitiesEdit


As a genie; Gene can do absolutely anything a human asks him to do, short of murder. While he almost always asks for some sort of payment in return for his services, it is revealed that the payment is not required, magically, for him to do anything.

He is shown creating objects and money out of thin air, sending people over vast distances, curing fears, giving people magic abilities, and freezing time for short periods. He was able to make the "Evil-Guy-Slaying-Sword", which is capable of instantly defeating any enemy that the wielder would otherwise be able to defeat. Gene also made the "Ring of Doing Things" which is implied to have vast powers. He later gave Finn the ability to spy on Princess Bubblegum temporarily by turning Finn into a ghost-like creature. Often, when he shows off these powers, he usually says "zap" and shoots lightning-bolts at a target, which then is changed according to his desires.

Gene almost always floats wherever he goes, having been shown standing on the ground or walking on few occasions. He will often floats upside-down for unknown reasons. He also possesses several miscellaneous abilities, such as teleportation, transporting himself to the Land of the Dead, possessing others, and generating cotton candy from his ears. It can be assumed that, due to being a genie, the true extent of his powers may be limitless, and are based on his imagination.


Gene can play bongos and drums, but has claimed to have no singing talents worth speaking about. Despite this, he still sang alongside Jake to motivate Finn.


Gene's mansion is shown to have hundreds of weapons, including swords, axes, guns and even a rocket launcher, hanging from the walls. He is only ever shown 'wielding' the "Evil-Guy-Slaying-Sword", when he demonstrated it's powers by zapping a Cyclops with it.


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MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Squeezy Mallet: Gene summons a big colerful mallet and slams down at the opponent.
  • Balloon: Gene summons a balloon in front of him which then explodes with impact.
  • Boxing Glove: Gene summons a boxing glove (that you can fire) and punches the opponent against their jaw.
  • Vault Drop: Gene summons a vault above the opponents head which falls down.
  • Golden Bar: Gene summons a gold bar and slams against the opponent's jaw followed by a slam against their forhead.
  • X-Ray - First Wish: Gene will summon a bat and slam against the shins, which will make them kniel down. Gene then slams with the bat on the back of the opponent.


  • Second Wish: Gene will teleport the opponent with him to outer space which will cause their heads to explode, while Gene is wearing a helmet. Gene teleports back afterwards.
  • Third Wish: Gene will tie the opponent down to a rope and hang them above crocodiles. One crocodile then jump up and eats the upper half of his body, leaving the bottom part bangling on the rope.

Special SkinsEdit

  • Mustached Green Lizard: Gene's appearance from the episode "And Your Wish Is?"
  • Jacey (DLC): genderswapped version of Gene.

Episodes featuredEdit

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  • "Alright freaky Finn, look into my eyes!"
  • "You know, I never understood why you guys just don't float everywhere. It's so much faster."
  • "You gonna eat that castle?"


  • Gene's powers are based off of Sarda the Sage, a character in Brian Clevinger's 8-Bit Theatre, as well as Genies.
  • Gene is known to be terrified of "Something that does not exist".
  • Gene has not been seen with Flame Princess, but presumably knows of her.
  • He is voiced by Zack Shada, the same person who voiced Finn (Pen) in the original short.