Belle Garfield
Belle Garfield, Gargelle's alternate self, as seen in "High School"
Name Gargelle
Gender Female
Age 15 (debut)

16 (as of "Sweet Sixteen", assuming that she is the same age as Attie)

17 (as of season three)

Species Lake People
Occupation Maid-servant (formerly)


Introduced In "The Princess of the Lake" (cameo)
Latest Appearance "Five Old Graybles"

Gargelle (known as Belle Garfield in the Wut-Wut timeline) is a maid-servant that lives in the Lake Castle and serves the royal family.


Like most people residing in the Lake Kingdom, Gargelle has pale, turqiouse skin and blue, water-like hair. Her hair is wavy and goes down to her waist and flows at the same speed as Attie's, indicating that the two are the same age. She is much shorter than most Lake People, only reaching up to about Attie's waist. She is also rounder and wears much more casual clothes than Lake Princess did. In "High School", she is slimmer, much taller, and has human-colored skin and dark, wavy hair.


None of her abilities have been shown yet, though it is assumed that she has the same powers as Attie.



Lake Princess found her servant to be sassy and somewhat annoying. Gargelle was lazy and felt like Lake Princess overworked her. There was tension between them in "Road Trip" because Gargelle called Finn hot. She was overjoined when reassigned.

Lake KingEdit

Lake King gives Gargelle strict orders not to give his daughter yellow clothes and invites her to come with them in "Road Trip", which she does.

Lake QueenEdit

Lake Queen seems to be fond of Gargelle since even though her husband was the one to personally invite her to come with them on their road trip, it was her idea.


Gargelle called Finn hot when they were in the car together, causing discomfort for Finn and tension between her and Lake Princess. She was didn't talk to him for the rest of the trip.


Gargelle and Flambo went on a blind date in "Date Night". She called him hot, though it is unknown if she meant this literally or not. She turned down the chance to kiss him due to being his elemental opposite and called off the date.

Episode appearancesEdit




  • She was created by ACat.
  • Her name is very similar to the word "gargle" but with more emphasis on the last syllable.
  • She speaks in an African-American accent, similar to Cake and Flambina (Flambo's gender-swapped counterpart). She is the first non-gender-swapped character to do so.
  • She has a similar personality to Lumpy Space Princess. Additionally, both have had a crush on Finn.
  • Since Addeline and Attie have the same last name, Gargelle's last name might actually be Garfield.