Name Fry
Species Werefox
Relatives unknown
Introduced In Beating About The Bush
Latest Appearance Burrowed
Voiced by Tom Herpich

Fry (full title: Fry the Werefox) can be considered as one of the main characters in WF's adventure time


Not much is known about Fry's backgrounds, as shown in the episode 'Burrowed' (coming soon), Fry says that his family were always travelling afar due to their fox inheritance which gives the intention to wander and explore. Fry, being lazy, stayed in his own neck of the woods and only saw his family on special occasions. He tells Finn and Jake that they can call him Fry, but he later reveals that this is just a nickname.


Fry is about the same size as Finn and appears to be just as wide. In his werefox form Fry grows about an inch or two taller. His hair appears to stick up all the time. His ears are pointed, which resembles the fact that he is a werefox. His style of clothing usually seems to be a T-shirt under a bright coloured shirt or hoodie with jeans. In every episode he wears the same green sneakers. When in werefox form his eyes glow green.

Personality and Character TraitsEdit

Fry likes to joke and mess around and is usually quite chilled, but when frustrated he appears to get quite aggressive and moans a lot. This releases the jerky side of Fry. He is shown to back out of tricky situations often, but when he needs to dive into them, he reveals a driving warrior spirit. Fry is shown to eat lots of meat, as he steals a whole box of Jake's chicken in Beating About The Bush. This is likely to be due to his fox inheritance.



At night Fry can fully transform into a werefox, but during the day he can only enhance minor powers such as sense of smell and hearing. It is seen in Burrowed that during the day he can only transform into an ordinary fox, similar to those in 'Jake The Dad'.


Fry can understand and fix computers to a certain extent. He often plays video games with Finn and Jake.



Although appearing to be an enemy in Beating About The Bush, it is seen that Fry becomes friends with Finn in Burrowed when they hang out. At times they help each other out. However in Apologies and Alone Fry rants about Finn, but this is probably because of his personality and attitude.


Jake and Fry's relationship is similar to that of his relationship with Finn, except Jake does not like some things about Fry. Jake doesn't like the fact that Fry and Mr. Fox are friends because he tried to eat Jake in 'Jake The Dad'. Fry also angers Jake when he eats his wings in Beating About The Bush. Fry also ranted about Jake in Apologies and Alone.


Fry first acknowledges that he is best friends with Mr.Fox in Burrowed.


After Fry bites and nearly kills Marceline in Beating About The Bush she is confused yet angry, and tells him to stay away. She also acknowledges that Fry had eaten her red meat and bust a hole through her wall in Apologies and Alone. At the end of this episode though they become friends.

Ice KingEdit

After the Ice King stole 'Couchy' Fry seeked for revenge. It is apparent that he doesn't like the Ice King.

Lady RainicornEdit

Fry gets along with Lady but not as much as with Finn and Jake. This is because she helped him with the burrow in Burrowed.


  • Tom Herpich is the voice actor for both Mr.Fox and Fry
  • Fry wears the same green sneakers in every episode