"Frozen Tears"
Season 1, Episode 2
20120903 184941
Production code: 1011-115
Airdate: November 11
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Enter the Inferno"
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"Frozen Tears" is the second episode in the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King creates his own daughter because he was tired of being alone.


Ice King has another sad day because he can't kidnapp a princess, he suddenly comes up with the wild plan to create his own princess, his daughter. He said that his son, Neptr, probably would never return so why don't give a try. He and Gunter go to a cauldron and put a few ingredients in it: crystalized sugar, three kinds of spices and everything ice. He also adds a hair of himself and Gunter. Then the Ice Princess was born, having her own special ice powers. After she was born Ice King ordered her to go and socialize with Princess Bubblegum and other princesses.

Ice Princess flew away towards the Candy Kingdom and saw Princess Bubblegum sitting on her balcony and laded next to her. PB was shocked at first, because she was the daughter of the Ice King. PB asked what she was going to do to her, Icey told what she had to do from her father. PB nodded and asked her to sit down. PB told her that she can do whatever she wants. Ice Princess agreed and quickly flew back to the Ice Kingdom.

There she told the Ice King that she didn't kidnap the princess and also is not going to do it, because they are friends. Ice King got mad and grounded Icey who then was sent to her room. Ice King then flew to the Candy Kingdom himself and encountered PB having a tea party with Flame Princess, Lumpy Space Princess, Slime Princess and Wildberry Princess. Ice King froze the princesses when Finn and Jake arrived. They battled Ice King, but because he was so mad they couldn't stop him and almost got frozen themselves.

Icey was still crying inside of her room when suddenly Gunter walked in. Gunter tried to comfort her and held her hand, Icey stopped crying and smiled. Gunter made a few noices which appearantly Icey could hear. She stood up, opened her window and flew away. She arrived at the tea party of the princesses, who still were frozen, and attacked her father, to his surprise. Finn and Jake looked up, Jake had the conclusion that she was the Ice King's daughter. Finn and Jake decided to free the princesses while Icey was fighting the Ice King.

Ice King asked why Icey was doing this. Icey responded cold that she wants an own live, although she only lived for a few hours. Icey then attacked Ice King with her ice beams, Ice King also began to shoot and shot her tiara off. He thought that would take her powers but it didn't, Icey then did the same to Ice King who then was unable to do anything. Ice King decided to give up, he grabbed his crown and flew back saying that they had to talk to each other when she comes home. Finn and Jake freed the princesses, Icey landed on the ground and saw the smile of PB. Icey explained to everyone how and why she was made and how she got her powers, she also told she wasn't going to be a villain but that she still will love her father. The rest understood her, Icey then flew away back to the Ice Kingdom.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ice Princess.
    • This also might state that there is only one Gunter because Ice Princess sees him/her as a mother and other penguins just as friends.
  • The Snail is seen waving in the teapot at the tea party, he is hid inside of it and only his head and arm can be seen.