"Freeze or Burn?"
Season 1, Episode 11
Production code: 1011-35
Airdate: January 13
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"The Honeymoon"
"Most Magical Magician"

"Freeze or Burn?" is the eleventh episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Ice King and Flame King suddenly have started a war against each other, Ice Princess and Flame Princess go and do something about it.


On a normal day Finn heads outside when out of nowhere Flame Princess and Ice Princess appear, they ask for Finn's help because their father's have started a war against each other which takes place near the Tree Fort. Finn and Jake along with the princesses head over to the war zone and see the army's of Ice King and Flame King just preparing for the fight. The girls try one last time to convince their dads not to do it but they were about to attack. The princesses went away and the fight began. Finn asked why they were having a war, the girls answered that they were fighting over the Frozen orb of Flames.

The Fire Army and Ice Army were fighting each other under command of the two Kings. Finn and Jake made their way through the army's and reached Ice King and asked him why he wouldn't stop. Ice King said he needed the thing to wish a princess would love him. Finn then asked where it was so he could get it for him, Ice King simply said it was located in the underground temple. Jake meanwhile was at Fire King and asked him why he wanted the orb. Flame King said that he wanted it so he could have eternal life to rule forever. Jake asked where the orb was and got the same answer.

Finn and Jake told the princesses where the orb was so they could get it while Finn and Jake would hold of the fire and ice army. They arrived in a destroyed suburban area from 1000 years ago. The orb was located in the center of the area so the two headed over to there. Meanwhile the war was in chaos and even the kings started to fight each other, Finn and Jake still battle the army.

In the meantime FP and IP were talking about their dad's, about them being so annoying and emberassing when the topic suddenly changed to Finn. FP said she really loved Finn but doesn't want to get all soggy and stuff. IP told she likes Finn as a friend, so she could ensure FP about it and they became good friends. They arrived at surburban house (which resembles the PPG house) and find the orb inside. They then decide to solve this war themselves and wish that they had the power to stop the war. The fight was still going on until the ground started to shake, then a monsterous Flame Princess came out and a overly powered Ice Princess. They fought their fathers and defeated them. Finn asked where the orb was and the girls answered they used it themselves to stop the war. Everyone laughs when out of nowhere Gunter falls on the gound.


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  • This episode was originally titled "Girls Fight" and has another plot but was changed because that episode was too random.
  • Fire Princess' gets more character development, as well does Ice Princess.
  • FP and IP get over their differences and become best friends.
  • Snail is seen in the middle right before the Ice and Fire army collide.