Elf Prince
Elf Prince
Name Elf Prince
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Elf
Relatives Elf Queen (mother), Elf King (father), Princess Bubblegum (ex-wife)
Introduced In My Friends Part 1
Latest Appearance Divorced
Voiced by Donald Glover

Elf Prince (real name: Arvellon) was first introduced in My Friends Part 1. He and Princess Bubblegum are now married, since PB took the fact that Finn is with Flame Princess. He seems to have a deep voice. he also appears in My Friends Part 2. However, EP and PB divorced in Divorced, since heard that PB only wanted him to make Finn jealous.


He is an elf, with light blue skin, grey short hair, a tunic with red and brown colors, and a black undershirt. He has blue jeans, and has shoes. He has pointed ears and a mouth with fangs. He has a crown with a ruby. Durign the wedding he is seen wearing a black tuxedo and in the beginning of "Divorced" he is seen wearing green boxers with red stripes.



Finn and Elf Prince seem to get quite along. When they first met Elf Prince even asked Finn to be his best man for the wedding. Finn was a bit jealous of Elf Prince for having a relationship with Princess Bubblegum but that thought went away when he thought of Finn having a relationship with Flame Princess himself. Later Finn helped him with his divorce, getting a new girlfriend (although it didn't work) and in the war. They also share the same interest for gaming.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Elf Prince met Princess Bubblegum when he was sent out by his parents to find a girlfriend. After they met and talked they started to date. Elf Prince's parents then wanted him to marry PB which he did in "Shiver Me Timber" but they later divorced in "Divorced", however they stayed friends as they went as a 'couple' to "Couple Night".


Marceline and Elf Prince never interracted with each other. But a picture in his hous was shown that he and Marceline used to date.

Ice KingEdit

When Ice King first heard of the relationship of Princess Bubblegum and Elf Prince he wanted to get rid of Elf Prince but when PB had chosen him to give her away he wanted PB to be lucky, even if it wasn't with him.

Jake and JasonEdit

Elf Prince also seems to be good friends with Jake and Jason. Both of them were groomsmen at the wedding of Elf Prince in "Shiver Me Timber". Jake also helped him trying to get a new girlfriend and in the war against another kingdom. Jake and Jason also love gaming and thus gamed along with Elf Prince and Finn in a tournament at the Tree Fort in "Game of Games".


Like every elf, Elf Prince has the ability of flight, although floating would be a better term for it. Elfs can float in the ground but can't really fly. Elf Prince is very fast as seen when he was switching from room to room in Divorced. Aside from that he also wield an Axe Keytar, although he isn't seen using it yet. But it proves further relationships with Elf Prince and Marceline. He also has a black belt in Kung Fu as he reveals in Shiver Me Timber and displays in Enchanted War. Next to offensive abilities he also has musical abilities. He sang a song for Princess Bubblegum in Shiver Me Timber, and probably also knows how to play the Keytar. It is also shown in Enchanted War that he is also able to use nature-based magic. He is seen manipulating grass, ground, earth and water but also is seen using poison.

MK vs. ATEdit

Signature MovesEdit

  • Karate Breaker: Elf Prince does a quick serie of chop attack after each other.
  • Bio: Elf Prince sends out a biomass that keeps damaging the opponent if they are hit by it.
  • Rock Spike: Elf Prince summons a spike out of rock from the ground from underneath the opponent.
  • Water Whip: Elf Prince slashes forwards with a whip made out of water.
  • Ground Shock: Elf Prince stomps on the ground causing a trail of small rocks to go forwards.
  • X-Ray - Elf's Nature: Elf Prince grabs the head of the opponent and snaps it. Afterwards grabs an arm and twists that around, breaking it.


  • Cliffhanger: Elf Prince grabs the opponent and flies into the sky. He then uses his power to make a sharp rock emerge out of the ground. He holds the body horizontally and slams it down on the rock and then rips it apart.
  • Puddle of Death: Elf Prince creates a quicksand puddle that drag the opponent into the ground. He then makes the ground normal again and rips of the upper body that's still sticking out of the ground. He holds the body into the air.

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