"Death Trial"
Season 1, Episode 6
Production code: 1011-22
Airdate: December 9
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne

Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Ooo's Pet Show"
"Princess Slumber Party"

"Death Trial" is the sixth episode of the first season of DKH's Episodes.


Finn and Jake wake up in the Land of Death and remember they were almost killed by a monster. Death offers them one chance to live if they can survive the Path of 7 Deadly Sins.


Finn and Jake woke up and noticed they weren't in Ooo anymore. They found themselves in the Zen Garden of Death in The Land of Death. They stood up and saw Death watching television and approached him. They asked why they were here and Death told them they were dead. The shocked Finn and Jake asked why they were here then. Death showed them on his screen the battle they had with Blah the Giant Evil Monster and that they lost because of their own mistakes. Death said that a person had requested to let them stay alive, but Death said that Finn and Jake had to survive the 7 Deadly Sins and get a special artifact for him. Finn and Jake accept it and go on adventure and are given PHILIPPE as their guide. As they leave Peppermint Butler appears, Death wonders if they will make it and Peppermint Butler comments that they will do.

Finn and Jake arrive in the first chamber which was completely filled with food. Jake immediately stormed to the ice cream and began eating when Finn suddenly saw Lumpy Space Princess and asked what she was doing here. She said she came to destroy them and turned into Gluttony. After a battle they defeated her and continued. They arrived in an arcade the boys began playing a game on a console when suddenly BMO appeared. They asked if he wanted to join but BMO grabbed them and transformed into Sloth. They defeated BMO and afterwards noticed that the sins take the form of their friends.

They head to the next room which was a giant treasure room. There they encounter Ice King and ask him what his business is here. Ice King floats in the air and becomes Greed. Finn and Jake are again tricked, but they fight Greed and move on. They arrive in a room with all kind of trophies and other prizes. They see Marceline sitting in a chair cleaning a tophy and carefully approach her, but when they reach her she transforms into Pride and attacks them. After a hard fight they defeat her. They arrived in some kind of dark throne room where the Lich was sitting. Finn quickly got angered and attacked him, Lich turned into Wrath after a few attacks but with the help of Jake they defeated him.

Finn and Jake moved on to the next room that was completely pink and decorated with pictures, altars and other things of Finn and Jake. Then out of nowhere Flame Princess and Lady Rainicorn appear, the boys want to approach them but they suddenly fuse and become Lust. Although it was hard they managed to defeat Lust. They went to the last room that looked exactly like the Tree Fort. They then saw Princess Bubblegum sitting on their couch and asked what she was doing here, she suddenly said;"You're supposed to be mine, Finn!" and then turns into Envy, it was a hard battle but again they defeat the sin and could move on to the artifact. They arrived in a small room where a Bansai Tree was, they grabbed the plant and were teleported back to Death. They gave him the plant. Death said that they were true heroes, Peppermint Butler appeared and teleported them back to the place they got killed, but stayed in the Land of Death himself to watch a movie with Death. Finn and Jake arrived back at the Grass Lands and fought Blah again and this time defeated it.


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  • Snail can be seen in one of the skulls of the skeletons that lie in the chamber of Wrath.
  • On the coffee table of Death a picture can be seen of him with Peppermint Butler, Abraham Lincoln, Hunson Abadeer and Gene (making his first appearance).