All of my fan-made episodes. First season mostly uses the new characters Ice PrincessGeneDark PrincessLee and Elf Prince. Gene was later upgrated to a main character.


Note: Episodes only include the ones of DKH's Episodes. Alternate dimension appearances, cameos, mentions and pictured count as appearances in episodes as well.
Has been updated till episode 4.09

Season 1Edit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Enter the Inferno ? 1011-10 November 12, 2012
Flame Princess is grounded and Finn tries to help her escape so they still go on their date.
20120903 184941
Frozen Tears ? 1011-15 November 19, 2012
Ice King and Gunther create a teenage princess that starts to rebell against them.
Autotune ? 1011-17 November 26, 2012
Finn and Jake go on a quest to save Stanley and his family.
Fionna & Cake Return! ? 1011-18 December 3, 2012
In this gender-swapped episode Fionna gets into a love triangle and asks Marshall for help.
Ooo's Pet Show ? 1011-21 December 10, 2012
People all over the Land of Ooo gather for a pet show.
Death Trial ? 1011-22 December 17, 2012
Finn and Jake wake up in the Land of Death and remember that they almost were killed by a monster.
Princess Slumber Party ? 1011-24 December 24, 2012
Princess Princess Princess orginised a slumber party for the princesses.
BMO Classic Collection ? 1011-26 December 31, 2012
Finn and Jake enter BMO's classic collection and experience the things he's been through.
Lurking in the Dark ? 1011-30 January 7, 2013
Marceline goes along with Finn and Jake out to scare people on Halloween.
The Honeymoon ? 1011-32 January 14, 2013
Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig go on a honeymoon to Jungle Island, so Finn and Jake go along for protection.
Freeze or Burn? ? 1011-35 January 21, 2013
Ice King and Flame King start a war, Icey and FP ask Finn and Jake to stop them.
Most Magical Magician ? 1011-36 January 28, 2013
Jake is kidnapped and Finn searches him and finds himself at a ancient mansion.
Trapped in the Dark ? 1011-37 February 4, 2013
Marceline has her first encounter with Dark Princess.
Pranking Around ? 1011-40 February 11, 2013
Finn, Marceline and Gene prank around in the Land of Ooo.
Fierce Date ? 1011-42 February 18, 2013
Finn and FP go on a double date with Jake and Lady Rainicorn.
Miss Lumpy Space ? 1011-44 February 25, 2013
LSP signs in to be Miss Lumpy Space, but wants help from Jake to become more beautiful.
Shiver Me Timber ? 1011-10 November 12, 2012
Elf Prince and Princess Bubblegum get married.
Finn's Missing ? 1011-47 March 4, 2013
After Finn's disappearance Jake and Lady Rainicorn go find him.
Stakes of Gum ? 1011-48 March 11, 2013
Marceline encounters Bonnibel at a rock concert, to her surprise.
Powerless ? 1011-49 March 18, 2013
After her long search the Witch has returned to steal Jake's powers.
Sewer War ? 1011-50 March 25, 2013
Susan Strong asks for Finn's help in a war at Beautopia against the Nacies.
Homeless ? 1011-52 April 1, 2013
Gene's house is destroyed and moves into the Tree Fort, to PB's dismay.
Return of the Tiny Cat ? 1011-55 April 8, 2013

Me-Mow returns this time to kill Finn and Jake.

The Lost Sword ? 1011-56 April 15, 2013
A traveler finds Finn's lost Golden Sword and goes on a search for the owner.
You're Invited ? 1011-57 April 22, 2013
Gene orginizes a party at his mansion and invites many familiar faces.
Divorced ? 1011-58 April 29, 2013
Elf Prince and Princess Bubblegum get a divorce.
Slimy Talk ? 1011-59 May 6, 2013
Finn and Jake have to solve a problem below in Slime Kingdom.
Blizzard Storm ? 1011-60 May 13, 2013
After a fight with her father, Ice Princess is mad and almost creates a new Ice Age.

Season 2Edit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
No More Adventure ? 1011-
After both the Lich, Lord Grim were defeated Finn decided to stop adventuring.
Visiting Elf Kingdom ? 1011-
Finn and Jake visit the Elf Kingdom to find a new girl for Elf Prince.
Illness ? 1011-
Princess Bubblegum heads out to find a cure for Cinnamon Bun's disease.
New Five Short Graybles ? 1011-
Five Short Graybles from: Finn & FP, Elf Prince, Icey, Gene and Dark Princess.
Who is Your Princess? ? 1011-
LSP is hurting people in Ooo, but discover it is someone disguised as her.
Snow Crystal ? 1011-
Icey and Gunter venture through the undergrounds of the Ice Kingdom to find something.
Stupid Sock ? 1011-
Ice King figures out Gene is a genie brings a sock to get his wish.
Applepie Inc. ? 1011-
Tree Trunks begins her own applepie bussines, of course Finn and Jake help her out.
Couple Night ? 1011-
The couples go to a couple night, but that seems to be a bad idea.
The Golden Harp ? 1011-
Finn and Jake search for a mystical artifact in Cloud Kingdom.
Lost Memory ? 1011-
Ice King is in his study and reads about his past when suddenly someone arrives.
Rotkäppchen ? 1011-
A girl goes to her grandmother but encounters Why-wolves.
Hidden Treasure ? 1011-
Finn finds a hidden messege in his flute and tries to figure out what it is.
The Singing Flew ? 1011-
A bacterie is loose in the Candy Kingdom causing everyone to sing his song.
And Your Wish Is? ? 1011-
Gene lost his lamp that falls in the hands of several people, causing that he has to fufill wishes
Discovering Unknown Lands ? 1011-
Marceline and Finn go to the Unknown Lands, but Finn doesn't know it's a trap.
You're So Hot ? 1011-
Finn gets jealous because other guys flirt with Flame Princess, causing troubles between them
Lady and the Kids ? 1011-
Lady goes with the kids to an amusement park in Ooo.
Stay Connected ? 1011-
LSP accidentally sends an emberassing picture of herself to everyone in Ooo!
Garlic and Peanut Butter ? 1011-
Marceline wants to introduce PB to her father but doesn't know how.
Game of Games ? 1011-
Finn, Jake, EP, Gene and Lee have a face-off in who is better in video-games.
The Mushroom Bomb Theory ? 1011-
Princess Bubblegum figured out how the Enchridion works and the mains explore the dimensions.
The Lava Lamp ? 1011-
Finn and Jake explore Gene's Lava Lamp and discover some of his past.
Not Him Again ? 1011-
The citizens of Lemongrab begin to steal out of the Candy Kingdom.
Blue Flames ? 1011-
Flame Princess became 15 and has to find her inner flame in the Fire Kingdom.
Runaways ? 1011-
Icey runs away from home and encounters a Coal Knight who takes her in.
Enchanted War ? 1011-
Elf Prince needs to help his kingdom in the war against the Fairy's and the Gnomes.
Their First Adventure ? 1011-
Finn and Jake's first adventure together.

Season 3Edit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
BMO BRO ? 1011-
Princess Bubblegum finds and repairs a robot who turns out to be a Spirit Cube like BMO.
Thank You Glob ? 1011-
It's Thanksgiving and Marceline invites Princess Bubblegum's family over to the Nightosphere.
Taffy Tower's Secret ? 1011-
Gene tells Finn and Jake of a secret in Taffy Tower.
The Genie Council ? 1011-
Gene gets called to the Genie Council to explain why he is so inactive.
Sweet Revenge ? 1011-
Dark Princess kidnapped Princess Bubblegum, only to lure Marceline to her.
Shining Quartz ? 1011-
Tree Trunks is missing, so Finn, Jake and Mr. Pig go and look for her in the Crystal Dimension.
Crystal Clash ? 1011-
After Finn and Jake fail, Quartzion plans to take over the Land of Ooo.
Candy Kingdom's Backup ? 1011-
When Finn and Jake go on vacation, Cinnamon Bun forms a team of heroes to protect Ooo.
Warriors of Nature ? 1011-
A surprise connection between Jungle Princess and Huntress Wizard leads to a good story.
Cerberus ? 1011-
Jake has been dragged to the Nightosphere and only Marceline can help him get out.
A Fading Flame ? 1011-
Flame Princess wants to stop the dictatorship of her father.
Parallel World ? 1011-
Finn and Jake find the lost fanfiction of Ice King, Fionna and Cake, and begin to read part of it.
Play With Me ? 1011-
Ice King kidnapped several princesses and let's them play a game for their lives.
Data Crash ? 1011-
Lee's energy is weakning, so Finn and Jake go into Lee to find the cause.
Steampunk Time ? 1011-
An episode set in an alternate Steampunk universe.
Scream Queens ? 1011-
Marceline is surprised by a visit of her old band.
The Dragon's Lair ? 1011-
Flame Princess takes Finn on adventure to find a treasure.
Sweet Dreams ? 1011-
Finn has an outer body experience and enters his friends dreams.
Finnator ? 1011-
Princess Bubblegum's replacement Finn is activated and became crazy.
My Girl and her Cat ? 1011-
Ice King tries to reach the greatest lifeform on Earth to make his wish come true.
Symphonic Wedding ? 1011-
Viola gets married with her fiancee, but when Finn, Jake, T.V. and Kim Kil Whan take him out for a bachelor party he's gone missing and duo the group's hangover they have trouble finding him.
Emit Erutnevda ? 1011-
Finn and Jake want to do everything backwards.
Life of Pain ? 1011-
Ice King doesn't like his live and doesn't want to live anymore. Death has a talk with him.
Rage Quit ? 1011-
Lee follows Peppermint Butler to the Land of Dead to confront his old rival.
Love Hurts ? 1011-
Ice Princess thinks she isn't able to love someone because of her ice cold heart.
1001 Years ? 1011-
Tells the story of Finn and Jake travelling in an Arabian themed parallel universe.
Meteor Shower ? 1011-
A nemesis of Finn from the future goes to the past and plans to eliminate Finn.
Final Hour ? 1011-
Darkness Prince continues his plan and Finn tries to stop it.

Season 4Edit

Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Only Three Wishes ? 1011-
Marceline finds a Lava Lamp which contains a genie of whom she falls in love with.
Wizard Love ? 1011-
Abracadaniel invites Finn and Jake to a wizard convention where he also suddenly falls in love with Huntress Wizard.
Finn Who? ? 1011-
Jake finds himself in an alternate dimension where Finn doesn't exist.
Finn's Father ? 1011-
Tree Trunks, Princess Bubblegum, Jake and Finn go to the Crystal Citadel to get crystal samples, but are surprised who they encounter there.
What about the Freaks? ? 1011-
Finn and Jake try to reunite the "freaks" who split up after a fight.
Mirror Mirror ? 1011-
Takes place in an alternate dimension where everything is mirrored to each other.
Brave Adventures ? 1011-
Ooo is visited by 5 people from another timezone. But Ice King destroyed their machine so they have to find a way to fix it.
Smashing Bar ? 1011-
Gene takes Finn and Jake to a bar where everyone wants to fight.
Finnator: Coolant Day ? 1011-
Princess Bubblegum accidentally activated Finnator who's goal is to kill Ice King.
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Title card Title Viewers
(in millions)
Prod. code Airdate
Adventure Time: Ice Cold Plan ? X May 24, 2013
Ice King discovered a way to control the whole Land of Ooo, and to find his princess.
Adventure Time Anime ? X April 1
The (fake) pilot for Adventure Time Anime
Halloween Block ? X October 31

A special 40-minute block featuring dark-themed AT episodes.