"Couple Night"
Season 2, Episode 9
Director: DarKingdomHearts
"Applepie Inc."
"The Golden Harp"

"Couple Night" is the ninth episode of season 2 of DKH's Episodes.


The couples go on a couple night, but things get out of hand and it didn't seem like a good idea afterall.


Finn, Jake and Lady Rainicorn fly to the edge of the Fire Kingdom where Flame Princess is waiting for them. She hops on a seat of Lady and they fly to the couple's night in Ooo. A romantic comedy is playing tonight, something Jake really loves. Upon arrival they also meet up with Marceline and Princess Bubblegum who both brought their dates. PB took Elf Prince and Marceline took Gene, only to hide their relationship together.

When the film starts rolling Jake and Lady are almost hypnotized by the film, as they love the genre so much. Finn notices that Marceline and PB are acting kinda weird and he keeps looking backwards. Flame Princess notices this and is annoyed, thinking that Finn still has feelings for Bonnibel. When Finn stares behind him for a longer period FP gets irritated and summons a small flame. The flame dances towards PB's dress and sets it on fire. Elf Prince immediately stops the fire with his scarf and PB looks angry towards FP.

Elf Princes also gets angry at FP and fires an energy ball of nature at her. FP blocks it easily with a fire attack. FP fires a flame ball which gets blocked by EP who accidentally reflects it towards Marceline's hair. Finn is grabbed by Gene who pulls off and eats his sock and stops Marcy's hair from burning, although it did get shorter now. Finn wants to stop the fights but is pushed away by Marceline who angrily storms at EP to punch him. Her face gets all weird and PB says that it wasn't his fault but FP's.

FP gets angry and says its all her fault for locking her up in the first place. PB gets angrier and wants to punch FP but is held back by Elf Prince. Marceline sees this as an opportunity and turns into a bat and grabs EP and holds him in her claw. PB says he has done nothing wrong before getting a burst of flame from FP over her. EP then shouts to Gene that he should stop his girlfriend.

Gene responds that she isn't his girlfriend, they are just friends with benefits. Marcy gets angry at Gene and shouts he is not allowed to say such things. EP then shouts again that he needs to be rescued so he can save PB. Gene responds that PB is his ex-wife, she doesn't love him anymore. PB and FP are wrestling during the verbal fight of the other three. Finn is looking desperately at the fight and goes to Jake and Lady for help. However both are too caught up in the movie to listen to him and give a proper response. Finn then gets angry and shouts everyone to stop. Everyone, except Jake and Lady, turn their heads. Finn says that Elf Prince needs to get over Bonnie, Flame Princess needs to calm down and don't make assumptions right away, Gene needs to stop stealing his socks and Marcy and Bonnie need to reveal the secret they have been hiding, adding that they have been acting really strange this evening. FP concludes that that was the reason why Finn kept staring and goes back to his side.

Marcy releases Elf Prince and transforms back to normal and goes to Bonnie. They then hold hands and say that they have been in a relationship for a long time now. Everyone is shocked but accept it, as they do fit with each other. The film then ends. Jake and Lady join the others and talk about that it was really cool how everyone got into a fight, but that eventually the love conquers all. As Jake and Lady pass by the others are silently staring at each other.


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  • Snail is seen next to the door of the Tree Fort in the beginning of the episode.
  • The couple night from "Go With Me" returns.
  • Jake's interest in romantic comedy's from "Video Makers" is shown again, it being an interest of Lady as well.
  • Flame Princess references that Princess Bubblegum was the reason she was locked up in the glass again which was shown in "Earth and Water".