Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate: January 10th
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Sofa Vengeance"
"Burrowed" is the fourth of Warefox's Episodes of Adventure Time.


Finn and Jake help Fry find a home.


The episode begins at late night with Finn and Jake on a sled on the peak of a mountain. Fry is standing in front, holding the ropes to the sled. He asks them if they are ready, and transforms into his werefox form. Fry then drags the sled as runs down the slope. He quickly retrieves into the sled in his normal form and the sled goes off a ramp. Jake then moulds himself into the shape of a parachute. After landing Fry tells them that he's going home. Finn asks him if he wants to play BMO at the tree fort tomorrow but Fry says he can't because he doesn't know where the tree fort is. Then Jake suggests that they meet at Fry's place tomorrow. Fry uncertainly agrees but tells them to search the woods by Rainicorn's house.

The next morning Finn and Jake are heading past Lady Rainicorn's house. When Jake sees her he asks if she wants to come along and meet Fry. She says yes and the three head out into the woods. They come across an old house and inside is Fry. Jake opens the door and asks, 'you live here?'. Just at this moment Mr.Fox comes out. When he sees Rainicorn and Jake he says,'hey I remember you!'. Jake asks if Fry knew Mr.Fox and Fry says that he was staying the night at his best chum's house. When Jake tells Fry that he tried to eat his pups, Fry leaves the house with Finn, Jake and Rainicorn and tells them that he doesn't have a house. Jake tells Fry that they will help him find a house, but Finn reminds him that house hunting in Ooo sucks. Then the four come across a decision to build a house. at this moment the Stacking Song plays.

After a long montage of stackingand gluing objects and Lady Rainicorn zapping colours, a house which Finn calls 'just a tall pile of rainbow junk' the 'house' falls over. Only for Fry to mention that foxes live in burrows also this is the first time Fry mentions his family. They all then begin to dig under the junk- the junk acting as a roof for the burrow. They then head off to the dump to find some interior decor.

At the dump Fry finds a couch that he really wants, but the Ice King swoops down to steal it away. Finn kicks the Ice King, but he quickly regains balance in the air and flies off. He freezes all four of them together. Just at that moment Neptr appears and says that he just broke the hide and seek record again. 'Finn asks Jake if he tried playing hide and seek with Neptr again and Jake gives in. The four are still frozen. Fortunately though, Neptr is a microwave.

Back at the burrow all the furniture is placed. Everyone seems happy but Fry, who kneels in the centre of the whole and says, 'vengeance shall return in the form of a couch'.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Neptr
  • Gunter
  • Mr.Fox
  • Snail