This article is about the former princess of the Lake Kingdom. For the twelfth episode in season one of CamDog and ACat's episodes, see The Princess of the Lake.

Attie Vorpine
Lake Princess Outfit 1
Name Attie Vorpine
Gender Female
Age 15 (debut)

16 (as of "Sweet Sixteen")

17 (as of season three)

Species Lake People
Occupation Princess (formerly)

Teacher (in "Give a Speech" and "Hopeless Lemonhope")

Worker at Lola's Home for Animals (as of "Kicked Out")

Student at Wut-Wut High (in the Wut-Wut High timeline)

Soldier of the Candy-Vampire Army (in "War", "The Return of the Lich", and "Saving Lucas")

Relatives Lake King (father)

Lake Queen (mother)

Atlantica Vorpine (grandmother)

Finn (future husband)

Finn and Attie's unnamed child (future child)

Rebecca Mertens (future mother-in-law)

Tom Mertens (future father-in-law)

Susan Strong (future sister-in-law)

Joshua (future adoptive father-in-law)

Margaret (future adoptive mother-in-law)

Jermaine (future adoptive brother-in-law)

Jake (future adoptive brother-in-law)

Jake and Lady Rainicorn's offspring (future adoptive nieces/nephews)

Introduced In "Flame Prince" (gender-swapped)

"The Princess of the Lake" (actual)

Latest Appearance "Summer Day"

Attie Vorpine (formerly known as Lake Prince (when gender-swapped), Lake Princess, Atlantica Vorpine III (more recently), and, in the Wut-Wut High timeline, Addeline "Addie" Vorpine) is the former princess of the Lake Kingdom and is one of the main characters in CamDog and ACat's episodes of Adventure Time.


Attie was born as royalty, being forced to participate in royal affairs all her life. She never left the kingdom until she met Finn because she had no friends and therefore no reason to. She lived in the Lake Castle with her mother and father before moving in with Marceline. Her father denounced her royal status and title in "Kicked Out", also depriving her of her royal gems, contacts, dresses, and maid-servant.


Water princess by iutarie-d4w1cfk

Lake Princess's design is loosely based on this leaked model sheet for a so-called "Water Princess".

Like most people residing in the Lake Kingdom, Attie has pale, turqiouse skin and blue, water-like hair. When she debuted, her hair was down to her waist. By "The Front Gates", it had reached her knees. In "Kicked Out" and "The Christmas Album", it was down to her ankles. She had it cut to shoulder-length in "Roommate". It had grown back to waist-length by "The Vampire King". She had it cut to shoulder-length again (though a slightly different style now) in "Call the Midwife". She is a little bit shorter than Finn. She used to have a royal blue gem, much like her fiery counterpart, in her forehead. She wore contacts until her father took them, and she now wears a pair of thick, black glasses. She wears a different outfit in every episode that she has a major role in and even for some of her minor roles. Her gender-swapped counterpart looks the same but with straight, shoulder-length hair, a blue outfit very similar to Prince Gumball's pink one (minus the crown), and a more masculine build. In the Wut-Wut High timeline, Addeline had dark hair and normal-colored skin.


Attie, like Flame Princess, has many abilities related to the element she is made of. She gets anything she touches wet unless she wears her gloves. She can conjure and manipulate water at will and morph her hair into different shapes. She can create ridable clouds to transport herself and others. She can shoot a streem of water out of her hands and feet to fly. She is also a very good swimmer and was able to help Finn get over his fear of the ocean. She has no allergies after being injected with the anti-allergy serum in "Kicked Out". She is also a fairly good slow-dancer. Attie evaporates and becomes a cloud, rather than being completely disintegrated like Quintel (though the heat he experienced was much higher), when exposed to temperatures as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit, as seen in "Summer Day". Additionally, she can be thawed out and turn out good as new after being frozen.


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  • She was created by ACat.
  • She is vulnerable to extreme temperatures, both hot (which makes her gaseous) and cold (which freezes her).
  • Her favorite color is yellow.
  • Her gender-swapped counterpart, Lake Prince, actually debuted before she did.
  • Lake Prince is shown to have normal ears even though Lake Queen has pointy ones.
  • She was the last princess and female character that the Ice King ever captured but not the last person since Finn and Jake were kidnapped by him in "Sure to Visit".
  • Her hair seems to be different shades of blue in different episodes. Though this could have something to do with her elemental matrix, it is most likely a mistake on the creator's part.
  • She is the only princess ever to have her royal status and title denounced.
  • She used to be allergic to dogs.
  • With her shoulder-length hair and glasses, she closely resembled Rebecca Sugar.
  • In "Demon Dining", she was shown to be very good at painting.