"Apologies and Alone"
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate: January 26th
Director: Larry Leichliter
Story: Patrick McHale

Kent Osborne Pendleton Ward

Written &
storyboarded by:
"Gunter Time"
"Sibling Rivalry"
'Apologies and Alone' is the 7th episode in the first season of Warefox's Episodes of adventure time.


Fry attempts to befriend Marceline after nearly killing her (Beating About The Bush)


The episode begins with Fry sitting on his much loved 'Couchy' the couch, talking to it as if to calm it down after being stolen by the Ice King. Finn and Jake are spying on him through a gap in the pile of junk roof of his burrow. They decide that they must interfere and confronts Fry in his home. Finn and Jake suggest that Fry gets friends other than them. Fry tells them he has Tom (Mr.Fox) but Jake replies with, 'Oh that guy...' Finn eventually persuades Fry to meet some people all over Ooo.

Jake suggests that Fry should talk to Marceline, but Fry doesn't want to after the Beating About The Bush incident. Finn first takes him to the Candy Kingdom hoping to find Princess Bubblegum, but at last he is told that PB is at the Royal Tart Ceremony. However, Finn sees LSP floating on a bench. He introduces Fry to LSP who is actually talking on the phone to Melissa. After a while Finn, Jake and Fry fall asleep waiting for LSP to stop talking. When they wake up she is gone. Finn and Jake try to think of other people to meet in Ooo but come up with a reason why they can't meet them for each one. Finn insists that he go sees Marceline and Fry eventually gives in.

Fry now stands at Marceline's door. He turns around and Finn and Jake, hiding behind a rock with binoculars give him the thumbs up. When he rings the bell Marceline opens the door, hisses (in her normal form) and slams the door in his face. Fry knocks on the door . This time Marceline opens the door and angrily asks, 'what do you want? I told you to stay away from me, Fry'. She slams the door again. He turns to Finn and Jake, who come away from the rock and walks up to the door. They ring the bell again. When Marceline sees that it is just a Finn and Jake, she opens the door. They insist that she settles things with Fry. Marceline gives in and Fry enters the house. Finn and Jake go back to the rock. Marceline heads over to her bass and plays a song, outlining why she is mad with Fry. Mainly because he ate all her red meat, broke the wall down and nearly killed her. The she says,'now do you get it?' Fry is left with nothing to say but,'Wow... I'm sorry'. He tells her that he doesn't want to bother her anymore and that he only turned up because Finn and Jake insisted. He then he begins to moan about how they don't understand his issues and does an impression of Finn that goes- 'Aaaadventure time!!! I'll save you PB- oh wait you're like 30 times older than me but whatever'. Marceline begins to giggle a bit. The Fry impersonates Jake- 'uhh yeah I'm just a dog that does nothing all day but eat spaghetti and say lots of nonsensical things. I'm so lazy I can't make another sandwich every time I drop one because I'm so damn clumsy'. At this stage Marceline begins laughing hard. Eventually she says,'you're not actually half lame'. She then tells him that before he ranted on she wanted to say that she accepted his apology. Fry then asks,'uhh friends then?' With a pleasing reply with 'friends' and a handshake. Finn and Jake see this and rush into the house. Finn asks if they made up. Then Jake asks why they were laughing so hard. They answer with,'ughhh... bunnies'. Finn and Jake then begin to start giggling which slowly turns to hard laughter. The episode ends.


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  • Fry is not seen stealing red meat from Marceline in any episode

Episode ConnectionsEdit

  • PB was at the Royal Tart Ceremony, showing that it was one year after the previous Royal Tart episode
  • Marceline was angry with actions from Beating About The Bush
  • Jake is still mad with Mr.Fox from 'Jake The Dad'
  • Fry is comforting 'Couchy' because the Ice King had recently stolen it