"Agent LSP"
Season 1, Episode 03
Director: ACat
Story: ACat
Written &
storyboarded by:

ATSuperFan123 CamDog

"The Great Mushroom War Part II"
"Olympus Mons"

"Agent LSP" is the third episode in the first season of CamDog and ACat's episodes. It is the third episode overall.


When Lumpy Space is overtaken by smooth people, Lumpy Space Princess punches the lumps out of herself and goes undercover as a "smoothie" to save her people.


The episode begins with Lumpy Space Princess at her school. She is going down the hallway talking to her friend Melissa. Melissa tells her that she has to go because she has a date with Brad. Lumpy Space Princess gets mad at her for ditching her to date her ex-boyfriend and she yells at her. Brad comes up to Melissa, ready for their date and Lumpy Space Princess yells at him too. Then, Monty, Lenny, and Glasses come up and start criticizing her for what she's doing which makes her even more mad. Soon, everyone in the school is all looking at her and making fun of her and Lumpy Space Princess starts screaming in rage at everybody. The principal of the school comes up to her and tells her that she has a detention for yelling at everyone and Lumpy Space Princess gets mad and screams out "I wish you guys would all just go away!" and flies into the bathroom in rage.

Meanwhile, the King and Queen of Smooth Space are in their castle and they plan on taking over Lumpy Space to expand their land and so they send out their smoothie troops to go and take over Lumpy Space. The King and Queen of Lumpy Space see what's happening and they get into a war with Smooth Space. Smooth Space wins and they all take the Lumpy People into the dungeon and they start smoothing out the land to make it smooth. Lumpy Space Princess is crying in the bathroom because of how everyone has been treating her and then she pulls herself together and gets out of the bathroom to see her school, and to her surprise, everybody is gone just like she wished for.

Lumpy Space Princess is so happy because of this and she bursts out dancing and singing in a world without any other people somewhat oblivious to how everything has been smoothed out. Lumpy Space Princess first goes into the principal's office and starts messing around with all of his stuff. Then, she logs into his computer and changes all of her grades to As and everyone else's to Fs. Then, she starts breaking everything in his office. Then, she flies out the broken hole in the window and goes to the mall. LSP takes all the clothes and flies off to go and try them on without paying. Then, she goes to Melissa's house and destroys everything in her room. Then, Lumpy Space Princess flies down the streets laughing and happily destroying everything in honor of everyone being gone and her being alone.

Back in Smooth Space, the Smooth King officially expands his land across Lumpy Space and sends out the Smooth Space People to go and live there. Lumpy Space Princess is still destroying stuff and then she hears the Smooth Space People coming. She hides in fear of them finding out that she caused all of this destruction. The Smooth Space People all start building society in their town and Lumpy Space Princess is in shock to see that everybody is smooth. She figures out the evil plan that the Smooth Space King had and she declares that she will stop it.

Lumpy Space Princess needs to find a way to blend in with the smooth people. So she punches out her lumps. That doesn't work, so then she remembers the orb that Monty, Lenny, and Glasses were sitting on. So she sneaks over to Make-Out point to get the orb and she sits on it turning her into a smooth space person. She gets off of the orb to go to the smooth space castle, but her lumps come back. She figures out that she needs to be sitting on the orb the entire time in order for it to work, so she carries the orb under her butt along with her as she flies.

Lumpy Space Princess sneaks into the smooth space castle to go to the dungeon and free her friends. Until, one of the guards trips Lumpy Space Princess and she falls off the orb revealing her lumpy self. The Smooth Space King sees it and he summons his daughter upon her. The doors open and out comes Smooth Space Princess. Smooth Space Princess seems to act just like Lumpy Space Princess does. She and Lumpy Space Princess get into a fight. The two of them wrestle and tumble all over the place and Lumpy Space Princess wins. She flies to the dungeon to free her friends. The Smooth Space Guards all come in and Lumpy Space Princess cries and apologizes for what she did. Her friend and family all forgive her and help fight off the Smooth People and they take back Lumpy Space as their own.

The next day at school, Lumpy Space Princess is acting so much nicer. She listens to everything Melissa has to say and doesn't interrupt or even say anything to her, she laughs at all her jokes, she respects Melissa and Brad's relationship with each other and goes away every time they go near each other, she helped Monty, Lenny, and Glasses with their books, and complimented them on their appearances and agreed with them when they insulted her in return, and she even took the blame for something that someone else did and got in trouble with the principal and happily suffered three days of detention for no reason. She was officially becoming a nicer and more respectful princess. Then, she got a text message from Turtle Princess where she said "Hi". This mad Lumpy Space Princess extremely furious because she said "Hi" instead of "Hello" and she threw a fit, went crying back into the bathroom, and said that she wished that everyone would go away. Then, as soon as she said that and went in the bathroom, The Spiky Space people took over Lumpy Space and made it their own. The End.






  • This episode was created by ACat.
  • The art was done by CamDog.
  • Though this was not the first episode of CamDog and ACat's episodes, it was the first one to have art shown.
  • This episode does not have the normal theme song because Finn and Jake are not in this episode, though Finn is mentioned by LSP.
    • This is how the theme song goes: The theme song begins with the entrance to Lumpy Space, it pans across some Lumpy Space People talking. Then it lans up Make Out Point where Monty, Lenny, and Glasses are surrounding around the orb and they all made angered faces at the screen. Then it goes to the Lumpy Space Kingdom where there are Lumpy people cheering and dancing. Then it pans up the Lumpy Space Castle where Lumpy Space King and Queen are riding on a lumpy horse above it. Then, it pans across the lumpy mountains and to Brad's house. Brad is sitting on the roof playing the guitar and then he makes a dull expression at the screen. Then, it pans to Lumpy Space Princess's house where she and Melissa are in her room and they high five. Then, it shows purple glow in the background of purple letters that say "Lumpy Space Time." where Lumpy Space Princess and Melissa fly up under the bottom with a banner that says "With Lumpy Space Princess and Melissa." The sound of a Lumpy Space person singing sings "Lumpy Space Time." Then it shows Lumpy Space Princess floating out in the forest in her hobo home and a rabid squirrel jumps up on her face as the voice sings "Come on grab your friends." Then it shows Lumpy Space Princess flying through Lumpy Space as the voice sings "Well, go to very distant Lumps." Then it shows the faces of Melissa and LSP as it sings "With Melissa the Lumpy Person and LSP the Lumpy Space Princess." Then it shows Lumpy Space Princess fly to the top of Make out Point with Melissa and she rises her arms and opens her mouth as the voice sings "It's Lumpy Space Time." and the title of "Lumpy Space Time" shows up on screen while a hobo sack goes through the word "Time" and the screen fades to black and the theme song ends.
  • LSP punches the lumps out of herself for the second time in this episode. The first time was in the episode "Loyalty to the King".
  • At the end of the episode, LSP sits on the orb, revealing what she would look like if she wasn't lumpy.
  • Turtle Princess texted her saying "Hi" even though in the episode "Gotchya" it was revealed that every time she texted her she said "Hey Girl."